December 31, 2007

Are You Manage?

I took The Rush to get washed today (our gold SUVan) at our regular place. Sharon has taken it the last couple times so most of the guys there know who we are. But today I had an interesting conversation with an new Indian teenager who's second language is Bahasa and whose third language is English. After the formalities of discussing where I'm from and where I'm working, the conversation starts progressing like this:

TEEN: Are you manage?

ME: Sorry, am I what?

TEEN: Are you manage yet?

ME: Am I a manager yet?

TEEN: Yes.

ME: No, not yet. I've just started working for a small company.

TEEN: (with a confused look I've seen AND given too many times to count) Oh, ok... Well, how about you manage her? (pointing to his tall, beautiful Indian sister)

ME: (the light turns on) Oh, wait! You mean am I married yet? Oh, so sorry. Yes I'm married and my wife is pregnant.

TEEN: Oh, ok. Do you like boys or girls?

ME: (knowing he couldn't mean what he was saying, I realized he was asking if I wanted a son or daughter) You mean what child do I want?

TEEN: Yes, do you like boys or girls?

ME: I want a boy.

Now, don't think I'm knocking this guy - he speaks a third language better than I can speak a second language. Some of the things I've said in Bahasa are downright crazy. Makes me wonder how many times I've asked some really weird question in Bahasa and the person walked away thinking, "That white man is dumb."


Sharon's Mama said...

Yes, yes! He is managed (married) to my daughter! And he only want to manage one time to one lady!
I very glad he is managed to my daughter, too!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Well, that's nice of him to look out for his sister like that :)

Good story, haha! I feel like that guy sometimes! Some days nobody knows what the heck I'm talking about!

Kelsey said...

Haha, better manage her well!