December 04, 2007

Language Experts...

This past weekend we helped out at an "English Weekend" for some of the country's most promising students. All the students there were in pre-med programs, pre-law, engineering and basically every other brainiac major in college. We were asked to come because we are "native speakers" of the English Language. We had a great time with the students and loved helping them with their English.Our favorite activity of the weekend was "Cocktail Night." It was a chance for the students to practice how they're supposed to act and talk when they get out in the real world and are invited to functions where they will have to "chit chat" in English. The super fun part was this was a "Mismatch Party." It really helped all the students to relax and only worry about their English, not about what they were wearing or how they looked... it was so much fun! Sorry we don't have more pictures...our camera isn't doing so well these days. (You can see another "native English speaker" in the background of the first photo wearing a collared shirt and tie with his pajama pants... it really was a blast!)


SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! Fun! I love the miss-match thing! That rocks! I wish everyday was missmatch day!!
Dude! You need to get your camera fixed fast! (before the baby!)

Chanclers said...

i like the shorts over the jeans. that's awesome. i think it should be a trend.
yay for your english skills!