December 18, 2007

Whitey Christmas

We hosted our business Christmas party at our house last night. We all have local friends that we have and will do stuff with for Christmas, but other than K5, all the people at the party last night were white Americans (K5 is case that isn't blatantly obvious) We went out to eat and then came back to our house for some songs, desserts, and games.
Since our new camera still hasn't arrived from the states (we're expecting it in early January!) the pictures aren't so great and the video is a bit dark. But we played a fun game where you have to pick up a paper bag with your mouth without putting your hands or knees on the ground. After every round, the top of the bag is cut off and the bag gets shorter.I participated in the first round before the bag started getting cut down... see the vein in my neck?
This game was really fun, but in hindsight we'd recommend only playing it with people you know well (and would pick up a bag with your mouth that they had just picked up with theirs) and are willing to squat in awkward positions in front of while they take pictures of you (i.e.- your rear-end is up in the air).Since the Guru, Mrs. Guru, and the K's are going to the states for the Christmas holiday, Mrs. Guru decided not to put up the Christmas tree at their house. K5 loved the glittery ornaments on our tree and spent most of the night touching and laying under it. So cute!

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SouthAsiaRocks said...

FUN! Looks like a funny game - haha! It's like the new twister! haha!
K5 looks cute under your tree!