May 14, 2007

100th Post!

The title has nothing to do with the actual post.
But just wanna say "Thanks!" to all of you out there who have been with us since the beginning.
Our blog would surely be meaningless without you.
(here's a great time for all you secret readers out there to post a comment and identify yourselves!)
On to Mother's Day festivities.
No, we didn't get to see our own moms.
But we DID hang out with friends,
A couple of whom are actually mothers.
And since mother's day here was this past Tuesday,
it actually was a celebration for their motherhood.

Onto the pics...we know its why you come here...We went to the beach with Kakak and her family.
Her mom and sister were both there too.
She's taken care of us since we first got here.
And we get to see her be a mother on a daily basis.
Needless to say, some of the phrases we understand best in the language are 'mothering phrases'

"Jangan Ganggu!"- "Don't bother them!"
"Diam!"- "SHHHH!"
"Di mana seluar?!"- "Where are your pants?!"

But at the beach her kids could be as noisy as they wanted to be.
And as a Mother's day Miracle, the 3 year old pretty much kept his pants on the whole time.
Here's Anthony playing with Kakak's 7 yr old son, and her younger brother.
(Anthony's the light one)

The afternoon was spent relaxing.
We ate... (can you see the white people indicator? Mac-n-cheese...oh yeah!)...played with Kakak's baby nephew......did normal beach activities like bury kids in the sand, and build sandcastles...Then a Chinese man brought in a big fish net...the fish net wasn't all that interesting, but this little Indian girl who managed to get a few fish herself from the net was definitely picture worthy...And that was our Mother's Day.
What did you do? Anything special? secret readers out there...this is a great time to show yourself!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Looks like fun! I can't wait to go swimming again! That little Indian girl is really cute too :) Looks like you guys had a lot of fun :) Awesome :)

Beki B said...

NOWAY- the world is so small!! How do you know the Sheffs?? They live in my country yo!!!
How are you guys? It's great to see your blog! I've bookmarked it!
How could I forget you guys and all the fun I had trying to remove the foil from my car!!!!
Keep in touch when you can!

Beki B

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, aside from the "whities" mac and cheese, what was rolled up in what looks like a corn husk? I also see a bag of utensils. I thought their favorite "mad sailors" didn't need them...especially at the beach. Sounds like good times!!
Love to both of you!

Annie said...

Just a random comment, I was reading your blog when Griff came in the room- he got completely excited about the little girl with the Mickey (or is it Minnie?) on her shirt! You totally made his day!!

Anthony and Sharon said...

Mama: The "corn husks" are banana leaves, and they roll up nasi lemak - coconut rice, dried fish, peanuts, cucumbers and HOT chili sauce.

Annie: Wonder where he gets his love of Brown from? Or was it just the Minnie? Or is the combo of a brown girl in a Minnie shirt... his dream!?

Melody said...

Hey Sharon and Anthony, I just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your blog from time to time and I love it!!! Thanks for keeping us all up-to-date in such a creative way.

-Melody Davis