May 26, 2007

"Go" doesn't quite cut it...

Tonight we went Go-karting...or should we say "Whoa karting"
We were saying goodbye to our friend T-pop with a fun night out.
She's heading back to Europe next week.
We're gonna miss you T-pop!These go-karts were awesome.
It's now on our list of 'must-do's' for anyone who comes to visit.
At first it looked like your normal go-kart track.
But when they made K3 and K4 take a test ride around the track with their dad we were impressed. (They passed by the way)
"Good precautions" we thought.
And everyone had to wear a helmet.
"Safety First" we thought.
(Wouldn't want any banana peels or red-shells to ruin the night...Donkey Kong is slow but he's tricksy)
But then we saw some adults drive the karts.
Our smiles and excited glances at one another said, "Whoa."
They went much faster than the junk America calls "Go-karts."
When go-kart tracks don't have to fear sue-crazy Americans, they take the governors cap off.
They also lengthen the track.
You have a choice of an 80cc or a 100cc Kart.
K5 thought the 80cc was a good fit for her.
That may not seem like very much, but considering most motorcycles in this country are around 125cc, it's fast.
Not like, Porsche fast, but go-kart fast.
If you hold the gas down the whole time like the joke-karts in the US, you'll find yourself in the tires quickly.
There's even speed limit signs.
Sorry there's no video.
Maybe next time.
You get a nifty hair net too to wear under your helmet.

We know. The hair net sold you.
Just let us know when your plane lands.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Dude! I was sold when I saw the hair nets :) Awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Anthony, but of course, you have to wear your hairnet like [insert name of french person here] . . . and is that a possible beard i see on your chin? momalou

Four4Him said...

Man, that sounds like a blast. We had a go kart track here, but they closed it down because a girl was killed in an accident. Must have been fast karts like yours. So be careful! Wish we could come and check it out, but I don't see it happening on our budget.

Just remember Nascar and "Drive it like you stole it" and drive one for us.