January 08, 2007

"Put down the coconut and no one will get hurt..."

It was New Year's Eve 2006.
We and our parents were taking a tour in "The Rush" on one of the vacation islands here.
We decided to stop at one of the beaches and take pictures of the cool huge rocks.

We were having a great time.
(See above picture)

Until my (Sharon) dad found a coconut.

Oh the tropics.
Cool rocks
Abundant Coconuts

My mom had just finished taking this picture
and she came over so we could see if it was cool or not-
(verdict is still out on that, but it helps give a visual to the story)

She was walking by a huge rock to get to us.

My dad was on the other side of said rock...
and had found himself one of the abundant coconuts.

He couldn't see his wife of 32 years on the other side.


My dad is known for making jokes.
All the time.
He even uses props sometimes.

He thought it'd be funny to chunk the coconut at the rock Anthony was standing on.
And it was funny...
Funny for as long it takes a coconut to leave a man's hand,
fly over a huge rock,
and smack a woman in the hand
(yeah, you thought I was gonna say "head")

Only thing is, she had her camera and ours in her hand.


He must've channeled the Bruce Lee moves again to hit her hand so squarely.
As the cameras flew out of her hand and crashed against the rocks
the "DADDY!" I yelled made no difference.

My mom's camera came out miraculously working.
A couple dings, and once we found the view finder cover,
it worked just fine.

Our camera's lens was out at the coconut's impact.
Either it or the rocks bent the lens to a permanently "out" position.

My dad said the only two things that could have appeased the sadness of the moment...
"I'm sorry"
"Don't worry honey, we'll buy y'all another one."

We immediately drove to an electronics store (I love Asia)
and took him up on that promise.

All turned out well and we only missed about 45 minutes of picture taking from our island holiday.

For those of you who made it to the end of this post, here's a sunset picture taken with the new camera.
The west side of the island, with a spectacular view of a valley, river, and the Andaman Sea.


Chanclers said...

I think you secretly planned this event in order to get a new camera. Admit it, yours was old, busted and demanding to be tossed out. (probably not likely because who heads off to a tropical foreign paradise with a crap for brains camera?) Anyhow, you're schemes don't fool me.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, you had to be there. This could not have happened again in a thousand years even if the target was intended! Though sad at the moment, the memory lives on along with all the other new wonderful, enligtening, funny, adventurous (and bonding) experiences we had. If you're only thinking of going - go! It was without a doubt a wonderful experience! Mamma

Anthony and Sharon said...

Actually, Chanclers, its the exact same camera- a Sony something or other mega blah blah pixel blah- AND it has a smaller screen than the first one- which is poo- but now we have two batteries and two battery chargers (so we don't run out of juice when we go on vacations to Phuket and what not...)