January 06, 2007

Bruce D. or Bruce Lee?

One of the more dramatic events occurred one evening after a wonderful night of shopping in Chinatown...
So we were on the LRT Train leaving Chinatown.

Like a movie there was a guy standing next to Sharon's dad on the train.
He had a handkerchief over his mouth while riding the train- which many folks do since the SARS scare a few years ago.

Upon exiting the train doors, the guy moved in close to Bruce Durrance
And he had very sinister things planned.

(Can you hear the dramatic music rising in the background?)

But what he didn't know, was that Bruce Lee was named after Bruce Durrance.
Big trouble for mister handkerchief guy.

Just as the guy lifted Bruce's wallet out of his pocket
Bruce D channeled lightning fast moves from the famous Mr. Lee.

He grabbed the thief's arm and said,
"You have my wallet."

Not your lucky day mister handkerchief guy.

Realizing his error in choosing his target
the handkerchief guy threw down the wallet and said,
"No...no...it's right there..." and pointed to the ground.

Bruce released the thief from his kung-fu grip
and picked up the wallet.

Handkerchief guy scurried off with his tail between his legs...
like every other defeated ninja who has tried to mess with Bruce.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to know that
Bruce D. has always been my hero! :)
They also need to know tht we had an awesome time on our visit with you guys... definately gonna have to find a place to lose those "satay" pounds.

(AKA Mrs. Bruce D.)

P.S. Have the Chancellors picked out our visitation dates yet? :) :)