December 02, 2006

The Grass is Greener...

in my yard. It's true. We laid sod in our back "yard" and it looks great.
Apparently this little guy and his family think so too... I mean, look at the other yard behind him...yuck.
(We're purposely ignoring the fact in this post that most of our neighbors think the Americans are weird because they've even bothered with the back yard that no one really sees)
We put the sod down in order to do fun things like BBQ and I (Sharon) have even considered buying one of those kiddie pools to lounge in while reading.
But our plans have been postponed by this..

Yup. Cat poo. You may wonder about the odd color...we do too..but the plastic spoon in it should explain some of that.
Before leaving for the Highlands last week we put up this stuff to block our back gate, the gutter, and the bottom of the chain link fence...
Except we didn't buy enough.
And the Kitties let us know it too.
Can you count the piles?
Don't miss the one in the top right hand part of the grass.
Ya'll thought we were just being wimps about not BBQing.
We love living here. And having the grass that all the cats in the alley want to poo on.
It's a great compliment, but it's been received and now it's time to buy some more of the fence stuff.


Chanclers said...

Back in texas a good mixture of barbed wire plus hot wire did the trick. Sure you might look a little bit "white trash" but we're pretty positive you're in a neighborhood that wouldn't understand that concept.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how the spoon explains - in fact, I'm more puzzled. But, its your mom so I quess that says it all cause everyone else probably knows what you mean. Beautiful yard though!!! mammalou

Cara said...

You have absolutely no idea how hard I just laughed. That's the best laugh I've had this week! Seriously...LAUGHING OUT LOUD! People around me were looking at me with questioning expressions. If they only knew...LOVE YOU GUYS! Talk to you soon! <3 Cara

Anthony said...

The kitten in the picture has an affinity for eating plastic - that's why the poop looks funny and that's why there is a plastic spoon in the picture. We certainly didn't put it in the poop.

Chanclers said...

check out our latest blog a reference to your "tiding" capabilities. :)

Anonymous said...

yes, there are lots of cats here too- one of the benifits of not having grass! :) not like we would be able to afford enough water to keep the grass alive.