November 19, 2006

Bond Girl

This is a true account.
Last night after seeing the new James Bond Movie (Highly recommend it by the way...although they cut out any sex scene type stuff here, so it was PG + blood...check the ratings in your country) my husband and I were driving home in The Rush- our 1.8L Toyota SUVan.

While coming up to a toll booth we noticed that in one of the two "Touch-n-Go" lanes the cars were backing up and moving into our Touch-n-Go lane.


Because the guy trying to touch his card to get through the toll didn't have enough money on his card.

So there we were.
About 5 cars from getting through ourselves.

I say to Anthony,
"I should just jump out and use our card to tap him through."

I was ready for my own action scene after the all the Aston Martins and bombs.

In an instant, also having elevated adrenaline levels from the new 007, he says,
"Yeah. Go!"

So I jump out of The Rush, run up to the stranded Chinese man in his nice Mercedes, hold out my card and say,
"Do you need this?!?!"

He was still fumbling around and was probably shocked to be a part of such an heroic act.

I asked again.
Then just tapped the card on the box like any highly trained MI6 agent.
(Double 0's always have cool gadgets)
and said

As the red light changed to green and the bar raised in front of him,
he said,
Like all 'extras' in actions scenes do

At that moment Anthony was pulling up in the next lane.

Hurrying so we wouldn't hold up traffic,
I leaped over one cement barricade and then another.

After a quick hand-off of the card, Anthony touched it to the box and we were on our way.

All toll lanes safe and sound.


Anonymous said...

Girl, shoot! I can SO see you doing that...having a Bond girl as a BFF does has its benefits! HOLLA! Talk to you soon (the movie WAS amazing...) Cara

Chanclers said...

really? a blonde bond? i dunno. we'll have to see it to find out.
also...I think you should come up with a better name than Bond Girl. Sounds like some sort of cheap glue or something. Let me know what you come up with.

Sharon said...

Sorry. Glue or not, Bond Girl is a pre-designated term given to the hot girls in every 007 flick. For example "Jane Seymore was a Bond Girl" and "Halle Berry was a Bond Girl." The 'hot' part can be contested in my story, but historical facts of Hollywood film-making are off limits and are unchangeable by the likes of me.
And yes, I thought I wouldn't like the blonde Bond either...especially since the handsome Clive Owen was passed over for him- but this guy does the job...and well.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! That's MY Bond girl!
Hey, what's up with the site? The right side of it is all the way below the rest of it...see if you can't get one of your Bond guys to fix it.


Laurie Millican said...

That is so classic Sharon and Hony...Loved the story! Was there suspensful music in the background?? Have a great Thanksgiving! You are loved! Laurie and Micah