October 15, 2006


So we're totally ganking post ideas from two places- The Chanclers and John Mayer. These people lead interesting lives.
The first reflections are things that we've said since arriving here- some you would utter in the US of A, but here it takes on new meaning. Here's a selection of our favorites.

1.“No, honey, we don’t need to buy bug spray – the glass cleaner works just fine.” -Sharon to Anthony. Ants abound here. Clean or not, you have ants. So I've found glass cleaner kills the ants as well as removes whatever the ants were flocking to in the first place.

2. “It’s hot.”

3. “Apa?” -Our most used foreign word. It means, “What?”

4. “Just go. They’ll stop.” -Said at every intersection/merge lane/roundabout/bridge/ highway/sidewalk/dirt road. What's scary is EVERY other driver is saying the same thing.

5. “Sorry... American moment.” -Said when driving on the wrong side of the road, getting in on the wrong side of the car or turning on the windshield wipers instead of the turn-signal.

6. “We’re married.” -Said to new acquaintances, once we realize they think we’re shacking up because we’re Americans without kids… this is usually followed by an “Ohh! When are you going to have kids?”

7. “We meet again, Seafield Toll Plaza.” –Uttered the first time we actually meant to go through the Seafield Toll. All the other times we were lost.

8. “My arm is a hair-brush.” –Anthony trying to say “I hurt my arm” in another language.

9. Anthony: “It’s natural.” Sharon: “So is death.”- Said (and responded to) after smelling a stinky armpit of a guy holding an overhead ring on a train. Which its not like people don’t stink all over the world, but you’re more likely to run into them here because 1. there are less anti-perspirant/deodorant sticks available and 2. there are more trains.

10. “We (Americans) may be crappy at foreign policy, but we invented Coke.”- said after all at the table in the food court guzzled their cokes (some vanilla coke). It got a good chuckle from the locals.

The second reflection is of us. At www.myheritage.com you can upload a picture of yourself and see which celebrity you most resemble. Visit the site...you know you want to. And don't be scared...yes, there are celebrities that are ugly, but more than likely you're gonna look like someone attractive so no ego is in jeopardy. They say to do it several times and see which ones repeat.

Who did we come out looking like?

Anthony- Carson Daly (and a couple of girls with big lips) No other repeats really...which is just funny because Anthony's brother calls him Carson sometimes. Jason, you were right!

Sharon- Ashley Judd, Anne Hathaway, Sela Ward, and an Asian named Tata Young. Interestingly when we tried the other women in Sharon's family, Anne Hathaway and Sela Ward came up as well...we think its the eyebrow(s))

We're not really sure how these celebrities would feel about resembling us, but we left the site feeling pretty ok. Let us know when you try it and who you look like.


Sharon said...

So my bff wrote and said she was- Kate Bosworth, Jamie Lynn Spears (which how are you a celebrity just because your older sister is???), and Charlize Theron.
In case you've never seen a picture of her...she has blonde hair and blue eyes and is a Dental Student at the University of Florida...

for MammaLou said...

Anthony's Mom- Drew Barrymore (think with brown hair) and all the good "Kate's" (Beckinsale, Moss, and Hudson).
Jennifer (Anthony's sis)- Reese Witherspoon, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Delta Goodrem (although I think she has the cheekbones to do a blonde Drew Barrymore too)
Jason (Anthony's Brother)- Matthew Fox (Dr. Jack from LOST), Ricky Martin (he got a lot of the dark Italian genes in the fam), and Donny Osmond (which is funny because several people have told Anthony he looks like a young Donny)

Mamalou- this is for you...don't be scared! Cara wrote me first:)

B Chapman said...

Hey, Nice job on the painting! It soulnd like you are realy make your place feel nice. Sharon, I am so excited about your baking. My mom sent me an oven temperature gage and that has realy helped to improve my baking skills! Next week we get a whole week off from shcool for Fall Break. My kiddos are becomeing more and more carzy so the break can not come soon enough. I love hearing about you adventures. Many thoughts, Blythe

Kelli said...

Hey You Two- We are enjoying reading your blog so much. You inspired us and we are trying to be as entertaining on ours as you are! We'll look forward to hearing from you soon, that is if Sharon can read the screen with her eye situation! Thanks for adding laughs to our day with your great stories
Kelli and Family

Anonymous said...

That makes me feel better . . . P.S. Thanks for adding the Chancelers' link - I really enjoyed reading about them. Mammalou

Sharon said...

So everyone knows- My eye is fine now (only took like a day and a half to get better...those were some great eye drops). And The Chanclers have actually hired me to be their publicist. I'm spreadin' the word and spinnin' it nice.

Chanclers said...

rock on for ganking posts. gank away my friends...for we totally plan on ganking post ideas from you in the future. Also, Brandon apparently looks like Andre Agassi when we post pictures of him unshaven...and some blah blah Jackson kid off of Dawson's Creek when he shaves. We prefer Andre. Several gals came up for me, two old ladies I've never heard of, Jennifer Aniston, & Nicole Kidman, which coincidentally one of our Korean classmates said I look like. (what do they know, they think all whities look alike.) sorry didn't mean to post a novel.

for the Reavises said...

Josh- Johnny Knoxville and Fred Savage (we do miss the wonder years don't we? too bad they all grew up, that was a great show)
Sarah- Lucy Liu and Beyonce Knowles (although we think you'd make a good Winnie)

Oh- and do you guys have any advice on "Pluralizing" last names that end with 's'? No one else has to put apostrophes, so we don't think we do either.
sincerely- the Riverses

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon,
This is Kelsey. I thought you might want to know who my family looks like.

Todd: Joe Montana, Alan Alda (who?), and David Soul.
Jennifer: Marcia Cross, Cintia Dicker, and Marianne Faithful.
Me: Lindsay Lohann, Andie MacDowel (Yes a woman), and Rachel McAdams.
Brandon: Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon (when I looked at the two pictures, I saw the resemblence), Justin Chatwin, and a lot of other women.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll go with the first set of matches for myself since it had a lot more women in it than the second pics. So names like Raquel Welch, Gina Lollobrigida, Faith Hill, Candace Cameron, but the favorite is Laura Bush!!! How crazy sweet is that...I think it was all about the smile and hair. Fun. Mama