October 09, 2006

2 Months- WooHoo!

Today, October 9th marks two months of us living overseas. We like it. They say we'll start to not like it around month 4 and then like it again month 5. But we're not there yet so today has been great.

Our company thought we were doing such a phenomenal job that they decided to buy us this...

Just kidding. Well, about the whole "Phenomenal Job" thing anyway. This is our new ride...an upgrade from an old HUGE Toyota van that could probably seat 17 people on a good day and screamed "WHITE PEOPLE ARE DRIVING THIS, PLEASE STARE!" This is a Toyota "Unser" and it blends in much better with it's surroundings. It's only a coincidence that we got it on the 2-month mark - and it's not really ours per se. Details, details. Tonight Kakak was so excited about us getting this - more excited I think than we were- that we all went to McDonald's in it to get ice cream. If you come see us, we'll let you ride in it.


Zoe said...

I was expecting deprevation but you are enjoying the good life. (I'm glad!) You may never want to return statestide.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! That ride will make our tour around the country side this December a great treat! Can't wait to see the two of you deal with the whole left-side driving thing. Does your insurance company know you are "righties"?
I'm sure your 4th month phase will be mild since we will be there with you...can't wait!
Love to both

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing (watching them drive on the other side of the road) . . . may have to keep my eyes closed the first couple of days. Great looking car though - I can see why Kakak was excited (and ice cream too)! Love, Mammalou

Anonymous said...

SWEET RIDE! Pegs, shocks, LUCKY...
Ok, it's not a bike, but it's way better! I know you guys miss Speedy Goat and Rosie...have you named the new ride yet? Love ya! BFF

Sarah in Colombia said...

Congrats on your 2 months! I know the feeling and for me 4 months was a tough period, but it got much better by 7 months! But y`all young critter`s will probably adapt faster than I did - most people do! =) I sympathize with your, eye injury, Sharon! I when I moved into my new apt. in June was scrubbing so vigorously that a paint chip scratched the white part of my eye. I can`t imagine having burned it... ouch! But the same prescription of eye drops did the trick and those types of injuries heal... =) Hugs to you and your hubby whom I hope to meet some day!

Chanclers said...

Just yesterday Brandon & I took a walk around the city scoping out electric bikes...he's thinking we might get one. Then...I log onto your site. hmmmm kinda makes the electric bike seem so, well, electric.

Sharon said...

To answer all of you-
-No deprivation in the car area- finding REAL hot dogs is another issue.
-Yes,our time will be fun. We handle the left side of the road fine...it looks normal now. Insurance? We don't need no stinkin' insurance. (but we have it anyway)
-Close your eyes? Psh. We were planning on you driving us home from the airport.
-"Don't be jealous just because we get to drive around in a sweet ride all day." No names yet...although I am calling it the SUVan (bc its like a van that wants to be an SUV)
-We're hoping that with a few amenities, like said SUVan, our getting over culture shock at Month 5 or so will be easier.
-It's electric! Boogie Woogie Woogie!
I almost choked on my wanna-be hot dog reading the Chancler's comment.

Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome! You crack me up so much! I can't wait to come visit ya'll (can't let you forget about us Kentuckians!) Still praying for you and love hearing about your "adventures" and the successes of your trip so far. Much love!
<3 Lauren