March 03, 2006

"Hey Guys! Watch This...."

...and just when I thought flan and sombreros were to be the highlight of the birthday fun. Wednesday at work the office folks threw me a party. Homemade lasagna, homemade eclairs, and homemade goofcake was enough to satisfy any appetite. Yet the true feast was for the eyes. We were pulling extra chairs in from a conference room and Dan, one of the Boyce Cabinet members, tried to be the cool one and 'surf' his chair in...word of warning to you kiddies at home: Wheels don't work on carpet! Poor Dan, but lucky for us Dr. DeKlavon had his camera handy.

Dan, the newest member of the cabinet, shows his humility and gratitude while entering the Dean's office. Genuine. Truly Exemplar.

They invited Anthony too! Thanks ladies!

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