February 26, 2006


Today, February 26th, is mine and Anthony's birthday! He's a year older, but still way cool to share a birthday with your husband. We celebrated last night by going to Sho-gun Japanese Steakhouse. Our chef was great and we sat by an Iranian family which made conversation and dinner truly memorable.

At Highview Baptist Church it also happens to be "High Attendance Day" for the youth and college departments. We went out after church with our small groups for lunch. My group and Jenny Brown's group went to El Nopalito- Anthony's group has some "outdoorsmen" in it, so they decided to make a quick run to the border then go indoor rock climbing. Maybe someone will have a camera and we can post his birthday fun too.

Tara brought her camera to our lunch. And as it was her birthday on Friday the 24th- the lunch turned into a bit of a fiesta. Muchas Gracias Tara for bringing your camera. Below is the birthday fun at El Nopalito.

From left to right- Lauren, Me, Heather, Lindsay, Jennifer, and Tara. Thanks to Brandon at the next table for being a handy camera man.

Ooey. Gooey. Wiggly. Giggly. FLAN! We told our waiter it was our birthday, but he responded with "So you want chicken quesadilla?" (I'm tellin' ya, this place is AUTHENTIC!) So you'll understand our surprise at the birthday flan. What else could any birthday girl want?!?!

SOMBREROS! I guess I look more like the average Mexican and Tara more the elite of Mexico's upper crust...as hers had sparkles, velvet, and matched her outfit, while mine was made of straw and (if you look closely) had duck tape holding it together at the top. Tis ok though...as they say..."Carpe Manana!"

...and switching cultural gears again... Terima Kasih to Amy for this BEAUTIFUL scarf/wrap/headcovering/kurung from Indonesia. If you can't tell there's some pretty sweetastic beadwork on the ends. I love birthdays!

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