March 09, 2006

but I have to...

...more than likely this blogsite will have more than its standable share of pictures of our neices, nephews, and young cousins (to avoid confusion we just tend to lump the cousins into the neice and nephew category). This year there are 4 little girls being born (one already has been!) into our family. Increasing the kid number from 5 to 9. Numbers 7, 8, and 9, have yet to make their debut, but soon. Here are some recent shots of a few of them...don't worry, if each kid doesn't get a spot, you'll see them eventually, we're obsessed. Especially once we move out of the country, it may be all that's posted...ever.

This is Kaelyn Joy Diaz. She is REALLY excited about her Uncle MattE's home run with the Braves! Actually, it's probably just that she loves grapes, but I just wanted to bring up the fact that her Uncle plays for the Braves.

Installment #1 of the 2006 girls. Kara Lynn Durrance, born January 16 weighing somewhere around 9lbs. This is Kara with her daddy, my cousin Shawn. Props to Michelle for delivering this hunk of cuteness.

This is 3 year old Jeremiah Daniel, my sister's oldest, and Kaelyn's big brother. I have a better one of him holding a football but apparently blogger can't contain the cuteness of it and refuses to download the picture...sorry you all have to miss it...maybe later...

I realize I already have one up of Kaelyn, but she really is just so's another one. On the house.

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