December 18, 2011

A Star(bucks) Shone Bright!

side note: This is "AnthonyandSharon's" 300th post! 5 whole years of blogging!

So the other day Anthony and Mr. Sivad were at Starbucks in our neighborhood (it has a can be jealous, it's ok) and got invited to a Christmas party that night. I thought it was gonna be lame, but the manager said there would be orphans so that along with hopes of maybe getting some sort of free drink or prize was motivation enough to keep my kids up way past their bedtime to attend.

Turned out there were no orphans, but there were free prizes! Enjoy the pics and PLEASE watch the video...especially if you know Mr. Sivad...
When party-ers arrived, we all got put in various coffee groups. Immanuelle and I were in the "Extra Bold: French Roast" group...
...familiar Starbucks faces greeted us. This girl (tries to) flirts with Anthony and Mr. Sivad everytime they go to Starbucks. Or rather, she giggles and giggles and goes on and on about how well they speak her language. True story. First time we went through the drive-thru she was working it. Anthony and Mr. Sivad were in another car in front of myself and Mrs. Sivad and our kids... we laughed and watched as she smiled and giggled and giggled and asked them questions in their 2nd language. They can't help it really. Might as well be nice, answer her questions, and hope for a free drink or a discount. Or an invite to the annual Christmas party...
Santa was there. He liked to talk real loud into the microphone to his helper "reindeer"...
....his helper zombie reindeer that is. I was good with them though because they passed out free drinks...
...and there was a choir! We were surprised by their presence, but enjoyed them singing CHRISTmas songs...not just Holiday songs.
Then our various coffee groups had contests. One of which was decorating a reindeer of our own. Isaiah was volunteered to be the "Medium: Muan Jai"'s reindeer. Mostly because every adult there wasn't thrilled with the idea of becoming a zombie reindeer.
So cute and so far past bedtime.
Then came the run-off game and "Round 2: Funny Face Reindeer"... between "Bold: Christmas Blend," "Extra Bold: French Roast," and "Bold: Anniversary Blend." ANOTHER volunteer from each group had to get made up and Mr. Sivad, whether by being slipped something into his free frappachino or because of a strong competitive edge  got his face (and neck) painted. Or maybe it's just that he's willing to push the limits on what can be considered a "reindeer" for some free coffee products?? Is it?

See Mr. Sivad on the catwalk working the crowd. The lengths people will go to for free coffee!

Regardless, his determination and willingness paid off big time. Christmas Blend won! Anthony also won Best Dressed Male.  Look at them. Full of Christmas Spirit (or is it pride?)
And what would a party be without a picture with the token white lady and her baby in a sling?


roger and courtney said...

Fun! I love free Starbucks! Roger worked there for awhile when we first got married and I loved it when he would close and come home with all the day old pastries and a venti drink.
Baby Girl looks pretty cozy in her festive red sling and you look good wearing a baby!

Aunt Heather said...

What is weird is the fact that I don't think there is a Starbucks in North America that would throw a Christmas party!

Maybe a "Holiday" party, though...lame.

Glad you guys got free coffee and had fun festivities!

Of course Anthony was best dressed male, duh.

Love you, wishing to goodness I could give Immanuelle REAL Christmas kisses this year.

Jason and Charity Palmer said...

completely 100% jealous you have a Starbucks. Can you drink a pumpkin spice latte for me, PUH lease? Oh, and did you ever get my latest email? :)

theber said...

Hilarious post. I know Glen would go at least as far as having his face painted pink for some free Starbucks. :) You make a lovely token white lady with baby in sling!