December 06, 2011

Christmas Decor

Decorating this house for Christmas was fun. Particularly the snowflakes! I think next year I'll think of something fun to do with lights in the atrium, but paper (we already had) and fishing line was cheaper than buying more lights.

Snowflakes in the atrium!
Stormtrooper snowflake. And they say every snowflake is unique. Psha. 
Other than the 80-something degree-ness of the room, doesn't this pic look homey? I think it does. This was the last day of
the thankful tree.
Our camera has focusing issues, but I like this angle. 3 trees!
Isaac took this! And Isaiah ripped the broom off the snowman's stick (twice) and pulled off the star from one snowman. Kids. Good times.
Yay! 3 Stockings! God is good!


Julia said...

Yay for 3 stockings! We bought 3 when Ava was a baby, one boy, one girl, and one gender neutral. I guess Roberts Baby #3 will have the Christmas tree stocking:) Anyhoo, speaking of growing, you need to change the description at the top right of your blog to read, "family of five."

Emily said...

I love your house!! You've managed to make it look Christmas-y in a far away land. :) And I think we should NEVER get Annabel and Isaiah together! At least until marriageable age, because he's on my short list for her future husbands. ;)