December 10, 2011

Loft Wall

We have an area at the top of the stairs that we call the "loft." We'll be using it for an office space and for the kids to have a play area outside of their bedrooms. We have a rule in our house that toys aren't allowed downstairs, so space upstairs to play is a necessity.  I wanted to do a big batik-ish mural in Immanuelle's room, but ended up changing the "theme" of her room to, well, not-batik. (I am VERY close to posting pics of that...stay tuned!) So I wanted to paint something a little over the top. Why? I dunno. Why not?
It's taken 6 months to get to painting this wall, so though you may not be interested in seeing the progress, the fact that I've had to live with only the thoughts in my head for this space for 6 months, means that you're getting to see the whole progression. Kind of a "circle of life" kinda post. 

When we moved in. Bright orange wall. Glad my friend Danielle wasn't there when I decided to paint it another color. Her and orange are like "this" (fingers crossed tightly together)

June: Wall primed, IKEA furniture being put together.
December (see the tree?) FINALLY getting to my idea. I'm sure others may have thought of something less paramecium looking, but this was the shape I thought would look fun on the wall. Office spaces always seem very sterile and "square" and lines-ish to me, so I thought some curve in the room would help it look a bit more balanced. I used the paisleys from the boys linens in their room for reference. Isaac woke up from his nap (having no clue I had grabbed one of their shams while they were sleeping) and said, "Hey Mama! You painted that? That looks like our blanket in our room." I guess I shouldn't be surprised since he's slept on it for like a year, but I'm impressed nonetheless!
And color. Sure, the color orange was very colorful too...but my friend Kellie painted her wall turquoise and I wanted one too. I thought maybe a lighter color like hers, but a deep deep turquoise-y ocean blue just seemed right for the space. Trust me. Like I said, I spent months walking by this wall thinking about what could go on it. :)
Then the details. Yes, that's a pencil. Later that day my hubby sprang for a paintbrush set for me at a whopping RM3.90 (about $1.30!) Also, it was really difficult to make that breaker box look authentic, but I think I pulled it off.
It's way more easy to paint with tile floors. Carpet is overrated and hampers creativity. It's also no friend to potty training. ;)
Ta dah! You like? We plan to get a glass-top desk and some fun curtains and what not. When that time comes, I'll post a full-fledged "loft" post.


Lauren K. said...

That is amazing! Sharon, you are amazing! I'm so impressed :)

heididelreal said...

Awesome Awesome AWESOME! Love your creativity, can't wait to see Immanuelle's room. You are Super Mom:)

Emily said...

Paisley is my go-to print - I love of course I REALLY love the giant paisley! And the blue and white look so fresh.