February 26, 2011

31, 30, 3, & 3

It's been a heck of a busy week around here. One or all of us has traveled out of the country, redecorated a kitchen, gone to the doctor, the zoo, and IKEA, searched for a new house, in a new neighborhood, in a new city, baked cupcakes, partied preschool style, went "outstation" and slept in poverty, discussed black magic with a dreamer, read a novel in another language, formatted an ebook in another language, started a new yoga workout, sewed new curtains, swam with friends, found out there's not an Italiannes on our island afterall, and watched a movie without kids.

Then on top of all that... Anthony turned 31.

I, Sharon, turned (GASP) 30.

Isaac turned 3. (really? already?)

And we saw Rivers #3 for the first time (and tried to let it sink in!) and saw his/her little heart beating on a computer screen.

Quite a jam packed week!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a successful seven days. ;) So curious about the new house in a new neighborhood in a new city. So excited for you about Rivers #3!

bedandjed said...

Never a dull moment kind of weeks can be very fulfilling. Would have loved to have been right in the middle of it all!

Anonymous said...


look at that, i even commented on your blog!!

: D

- Alison

Brandon and April said...

Happy late birthday!
And the bean looks great!! :)

Lindsey said...

if julia wasnt napping right now i would be screaming in delight!!!! :)


Jason and Charity Palmer said...

Hey....yay!! We're so happy for you guys...congrats :) How far along are you now? We hope things are going great for you guys...sounds like you had a busy week!