February 07, 2011

The Camping Trip that Wasn't

So we were supposed to go camping this weekend with the teachers and students and their families from our language program at school. I imagined something like this or like this and frankly getting to prove how adept we were at camping here.

But that didn't happen. The guy's daughter who organized it got sick (he was the only one who knew the way, etc) so they cancelled. However. They didn't inform any of us until we woke up, packed up the car like we were moving into the rainforest, drove 30 minutes to the meeting spot and waited.  But like most things not-in-America you have to just go with the flow and be flexible. At least we weren't underprepared right?

We ended up eating breakfast and meeting the other language students and then going to a dam with a lake fairly close by (sorry, no pictures)  Granted we couldn't swim in the lake, and there were few trees or waterfalls, but it was fun nonetheless. We meet with our teachers one on one instead of being in a class with others because we're so advanced:) so it was good to meet the other students.  Isaac fell while running there (hence the forehead). Then we ate lunch with everyone and came back home.

After a nap, we headed out to find some air conditioning and a playground of some sort so we ended up at McDonald's.  On the way there our friends from the capital (who, coincidentally first took us camping here) were visiting for the weekend and so we went out with them (after McDonald's).

So instead of fireside chats, peeing standing up in the woods (for the ladies I mean), threats of wild animals at night, and sleeping on the ground, we....

ate rambutan (Isaac's first time after reading about it in "Sasha visits Kuala Lumpur")

laughed a lot with our good friends...

took a nap today (instead of driving home 2 hours after having not bathed!) and played with the neighbor kids. Isaac even learned how to say "come here" and "put it here" in Bahasa as he played with our neighbor girl today. So cute hearing him repeat it after her!
So not too bad of a non-camping trip!


CAEN said...

Even though you didn't get to enjoy a weekend of roughing it, looks like you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend!! i love the pic of seeing them playing with their friend.Yay for Isaac and his language abilities. Just today as i was listening to some lessons Zeke was repeating and i thought, wow, i think his tones are better than mine :) We both have some bright boys! hugs.

Brandon and April said...

I sure hope that when we come for a visit we can get whatever that drink is that Isaiah is sipping on. It looks sooooooo yum!!
Better watch out...Isaac is going to be perfectly tri-lingual before you know it!!

Aunt Heather said...

kakak looks SO beautiful!! Glad you had a great time even though you didn't get to camp:)

Emily said...

I didn't recognize that was the girl from your last term until your sister said it - she does look beautiful! And for me, getting in a nap makes up for all misunderstandings and misplannings.