March 06, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook...

 I copied this from a friend's blog a few months ago... fun to see the differences and similarities!

Outside my window... It's raining. And mercifully every few seconds I feel the cool breeze coming in through the windows.

I am thinking... "I really want to get a blog up by Sunday night so I don't end up taking time out of language study time on Monday to do one.  My language needs me, my public (all 5 of you) needs me.  I could be drifting off to sleep right now reading "Harry Potter dan bilik rahsia" so really, language loses anytime I blog. I'm ok with that though because blogging helps me clear my mind and feel connected."

I am thankful for... quality medical care. This past week Isaiah got sick with "Intususseption" which is when the small intestine telescopes into the large intestine. We took him to the doctor, she knew immediately what it was (confirmed by ultrasound) and he had the procedure done to fix it within hours, slept peacefully all night in the hospital, then was checked again the next day just to make sure it was all corrected and released.  Absolutely amazing.  Children die from this if it's not diagnosed and treated. 

From the kitchen... there is now a 2nd light over my new work station.  We bought a stainless steel countertop at IKEA a couple weeks ago, installed a shelf and some organization stuff and stuck an extra light under the shelf.  I have basically a brand new kitchen. I made hummus and salsa this week, just because I had a countertop to spread it all out on!

I am wearing... A tank top with a shirt over it and some capri pants. Barefeet of course because I'm inside and it's Asia.

I am creating... a baby in my belly.  The Lord breathed the life of course, but I'm thankfully and gladly letting my body play host to this little guy or girl for the next few months.  What a privilege. I don't take it lightly.

I am going... to Bali in June.  Just booked the rooms last night. My parents will be here as well.  Sharon the Floridian just may get her tan preggo belly afterall.

I am reading... as if it needs to be restated... "Harry Potter dan Bilik Rahsia" (the chamber of secrets). I'm about 2/3rds done with it, but I lost interest. Not because of the language challenge, but because a couple weeks ago Anthony wanted to watch the movie. So we did.  And now I feel like I'm just having to watch the movie over again, but at a much slower pace, in my mind. 

I am hoping... That tomorrow my all-day morning sickness won't bother me enough so I CAN get the language done I want to.  Last week with Zay in the hospital and the week before with all our traveling language time has stunk around here.  I'm ready for tomorrow to be more focused!

I am hearing... Rain on our tin roof.

Around the house... it's quiet except for the rain and the fans. All the Rivers' men are asleep.

One of my favorite things... right now is having pregnant friends. I have 2 actually that are due within weeks of me. Best part they are both living in Asia too.  One due before, one due after me.  All within about 11 weeks of each other. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Language, language, language.  Cooking dinner for my family each night. Trying not to puke- I haven't yet, but fighting it all day long isn't a walk in the park either!

Here is a picture I am sharing.... me at 8.5 weeks pregnant.  Here's me with Isaac pregnant early on.  I don't look relaxed in this pic and it totally shows I think.  I usually NEVER EVER go outside with "just a tank top on" for fear my neighbors would think me immodest.  But the inside of our house (minus my new countertop from IKEA) really isn't cute and I didn't want the first belly pic of Baby #3 to be inside. So I hurried Anthony along and went back inside to put some more clothes on:)  I'm also, I guess, growing my hair out.  I really hate it though. Short is so much easier.  When I get time I'll go get it done (maybe after a couple good weeks of language study, it'll be my reward) but I'll probably just cut it off again. I don't have time!  But about the belly. I'm definitely having to unbutton my pants each evening (those of you who have been pregnant know your belly gets bigger as the day wears on) and I didn't even come close to that til about 12 weeks or so with Isaac.  But I figured even though there's not much there, in a few weeks it'll be good for comparison!  Also, this is a maternity tank my mother-in-law sent for my birthday (along with a ton of other clothes too!) ...but the green felt fresh and fun. :)


Brandon and April said...

as're cute!! big preggy belly or not. :)
ahhhhh medical care. Will always be something we're thankful for I think!!

Elizabeth said...

Such a fun post!

1. You answered my question from a few weeks ago... you're not reading Harry Potter in English. :) I started the Chronicles of Narnia the other day in Czech. It's my first "real" book.

2. I would love to see pictures of your "new kitchen". Hummus and salsa?!? Yum!

3. It makes me smile to think about how much that new maternity tank top is going to stretch in the coming months.

4. You're going to Bali?!? So, so fun! And your parents will be there too. Even more fun! We're trying to figure out if my parents will come to Prague in May or July this year.

5. Language study is never ending, isn't it? But for a good reason. :)

Emily said...

Pregnant friends ARE fun! And you look absolutely adorable. I wish I could stay as small as you when pregnant! Also, I think your hair looks really cute in that picture. :)

roger and courtney said...

So thankful for a great doctor for Isaiah and a new kitchen counter.
I'm getting ready to start the first Harry Potter in Thai. I read them all in English so I'm hoping that since I know the story I might be able to understand the Thai a little better. Who knows...
I will be joining you in a Monday full of kids and language learning!

Lydia Diaz said...

First and foremost, you look amazing, but I can't wait to see you with a full on preggo belly!

Secondly, the HP books are always way better than the movies, certain things are left out in the movies and that definitely takes away from the experience.

Last but not least, I'm so thankful for Isaiah's health and great medical care!! I'm so glad he's doing better and could be treated so quickly!

Please give my love to the Rivers boys and rub the belly for me :)