June 21, 2010

Gotta Stop wishin', Gotta go fishin'...

Back in December two of my friends and I bought a fishing trip at a fundraiser at church.
Kim, Julia, and I waited 6 months for this! It was hard to find a day when we all had free.

We woke up early... eaaaaarly.We were in West Palm Beach and on the water by 6:50am. I must say, being that awake for a sunrise is MUCH more bearable when you're with 2 good friends, an Uncle (and an Uncle's awesome friend Mr. Wayne), have taken some "less drowsy" Dramamine and have your iPod ready to go. Waking up early to do things like workout or pick up a crying baby are far less exciting.

Mr. Wayne on left and my Uncle Ronnie on right. My camera got wet in the middle of the trip... somehow ended up without a picture of the man!
Apparently Ray LaMontagne and early morning on a boat go well together.
Mrs. Julia Roberts
Mrs. Kimberly Trott

We went waaaaaay out looking for dolphin. It was smooth as silk on the water which made the whole morning awesome.

We even drove the boat through the beginnings of a water spout. Because the ocean looked like a mirror we could clearly see how the wind was blowing the water and could even feel the mist on our faces. It never formed fully, but we drove away from it nonetheless! Sorry, no pictures... it's hard to remember that when you're experiencing a Discovery Channel scene live.
One of the dolphin we caught. So pretty in the water!

A little while after the water spout, my uncle called me to his gps screen and said, "Look, we're half-way to the Bahamas." So. What do you do when you're half-way to the Bahamas on a hot clear morning on the water? You jump in the water and go swimming of course (not long enough or splashy enough to attract any sharks though, no worries). Julia and I even jumped off the crow's nest too. I will say it proudly that, "I swam half-way to the Bahamas."

We may or may not have been peeing as this picture was being taken. Just being honest here, folks.

We only got into a small patch of dolphin once the whole day and brought in four. Then into some bonita- "poor man's tuna" as my uncle calls it. Not worth keeping but fun for the fight they put up.

We wish we could have caught more dolphin, but we had plenty to bring back to the hubby's and to grill up Saturday night. And since my Uncle and Mr. Wayne set all of the lines and cleaned the fish and we just chatted, ate, and soaked up the sun (some more than others, Kim) until a fish bit, it was all in all a fantastic trip and worth every minute of the wait!


Heather Diaz said...

Super fun post!

Glad you gals had a great trip. Finally!!

Lydia said...

Now that's one heck of a girl's trip! Congrats on the great catch, I'm sure Anthony was proud :)

Brandon and April said...

In texas, a water spout is a little metal thingy coming out of the side of the wall that you hook a hose up to and water your flower pots with.
But your water spout sounds way cooler. :)
Looks like a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Just a few notes...

1-Your ipod is waaay cooler and newer than mine!

2-The dolphin are pretty in the water, but much prettier on my plate:)

3-So thankful you didn't post the picture of me jumping from the crow's nest...and we are waaay too close to each other to be peeing in that picture;)

4-I overheard Uncle Ronnie telling our husbands that we did not shut up from the time we got in the truck until the time we got home, which isn't entirely true, because you did take a short siesta, which by the way, I did get a picture of. I figured I needed some black mail incase pictures of me in my bathing suit ever surfaced! HA!