June 12, 2010

Give those Merrell's a gold watch.

Last week I retired my Merrell's after 4 years. They've been to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, the US and Indonesia. They've seen the Killing Fields outside Phnom Penh and the cow pastures of Bowling Green, FL. They've been deep in the rainforest and 10-story Asian malls. They've been trampled by a cow, climbed inside the caves of a smiling mountain, given rides to numerous leeches, crawled under orange trees and gotten stuck in the mud of a very mossy forest. They've gone camping next to waterfalls and stayed in a Balinese resort.

Don't you worry, Merrell - I will get more of you.

Here's a few pictures (you'd be amazed at how often your shoes aren't in frame, but here are a few I found):
Test run, June 2006. They conquered the dryer like a pro.

Inside a large cave at Gunung Senyum.

They performed well in mock hold-ups.

One of the ridiculous number of leeches I've gotten while hiking in my Merrell's. Lest you think it's the shoes fault, Sharon has a pair too and has never gotten a leech (much to her dismay surprisingly).

Hitching a ride back home after camping in the rainforest.

The Mossy Forest.


Heather Diaz said...

Love the picture of the shoes on the beautifully fresh cut grass....the orange grove behind it looks freshly mowed, too....did you mow in your Merrells?

Brandon and April said...

had you posted the test run on the dryer pic on the blog before? for some reason, I'm remembering it. Oddly, the dryer pic is the only one that i remember from former blog posts. I must have really thought that was exciting...as opposed to caves and mossy forests.