June 06, 2010

6 Years. Less Ignorant, More Blissful...

Geek #1, Lord Vader, and Geek #2

A couple weekends ago (Memorial Day Weekend) my husband and I got to get away from the boys for a couple nights and celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.

We did fun stuff like
1. Go out to eat with friends who were also celebrating their anniversary sans-kids that weekend as well in Orlando.

2. Stay at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando for 2 nights. We bought the first night, but the 2nd night was free because we did their "Anniversary Package" which requires proof of anniversary date by showing your marriage license.

3. Slept in until 10am... TEN O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING! With my husband being the only other person in the king sized bed with me... no little people jumping on me!

4. Went to the "adults only" pool at the Gaylord and just laid there. I never once worried if Anthony was going to get to close to the pool or jump in without anyone noticing him.

5. Got in and out of the car multiple times with just one item, my purse. And a couple times, with just my hubby, no purse even!

6. Ate yummy food (Carrabba's and Fulton's Crab House) the whole weekend without ONCE having to spoon food into a tiny person's mouth or accompany a tiny person to the potty or even deciding when to eat based on a tiny person's tiny stomach needs. For breakfast I even got some froo-froo hippy-crunchy health drinks because I felt real adultish doing so, mostly because I could sit and drink the whole thing at my leisure without 1) Isaac asking for some of it and 2) Isaiah whining that I'm not holding him while drinking it. A win-win-win for sure.

7. Went to a movie. Shrek in 3D (and got a discount at Downtown Disney because we have annual passes!)

8. Went to Disney's Hollywood Studios during "Star Wars Weekends" and geeked out with the other Star Wars die-hards (who were on the whole much more die-harder than we are)

9. Missed our boys so badly after a mere 48 hours without them that I nearly had a "fit" when we were about 10 minutes from picking them up. Nothing like a weekend away from the kids to help you be near them again!

The free dessert they brought us and the Roberts at Carrabbas... (we got another one the next night at Fulton's Crab House, but didn't take pictures there...woohoo free dessert!)
Mr. and Mrs. Roberts looking equally as cheesy blowing out their candle as we did blowing out ours...
The awesome upgraded room with a view of the atrium (those palm trees you see outside our window are actually indoors!)
In the Everglades atrium at the Gaylord Palms... ALL indoors!
3D glasses never get old!
At Hollywood Studios...The people to the left of the picture are in line for the FASTPASS for Toy Story Mania at 9:07 in the morning (park opened at 9). Instead of waiting in a long line for a ticket that could get us into the ride quickly later on in the day, we went ahead and actually just got on the ride itself, and waited about 12 minutes. And my wonderful husband of 6 years allowed me to be the heavy scorer on the ride. Even with one of the games changed I still scored over 200K! (and it's 3D, the picture is actually pretty clear!) If both people in the cart play you have to share the points. He's so sweet!
Upon entering the park they were playing Star Wars music and had stormtroopers on the rooftops. One even pointed at Anthony while he was taking a picture!
Anthony took this picture of random lady and random kid with this Ewok because we didn't want to wait in the line for a picture with him ourselves. I love that man!
We did of course get a couple with us in them. The one at the top with us and Vader. Definitely worth the wait. Oh, and we didn't have to wait in line with ANY children (our own anyway).

What a great anniversary weekend!


Emily said...

#3 - Glorious.
#5 - I always feel so naked when I have no kids or diaper bag in the car with me.
And to add to yet another so weird coincidence about our anniversary similarities - we went to Carrabba's to celebrate our anniversary this year, too! SO WEIRD!! It's like we're the Texan version of y'all.

Anthony and Sharon said...

Amen to #3... of all the things I've given up as a parent, sleep is the thing I truly miss. The changes in body shape can be covered by darkness and clothes but there's no substitute for sleep!

Too bad there's no Disney Texas!! (though you think there'd be room enough out there for them to build whatever they could dream up!)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Awesome! Great post! Looks like fun!! I need a getaway weekend! Awesome!!

Chris and Anna said...

You all are so fun and in LOVE!! So glad you all had a weekend away. I am learning all kinds of things about you via the blog, didn't know you all were star wars fans?? Are you disappointed that I have never seen one minute of star wars? :) Oh, and i checked out the boy's blog-Zay is really looking like Anthony in that top picture. I was just thinking tonight that Zeke is favoring Chris...love how that happens :)

Craig and Angie said...

You guys are awesome. Maybe next year we can watch your kids while you celebrate your anniversary. YEAH!