April 05, 2009

How Did I End Up Here?

Not a whole lot culturally has been happening, but I (Sharon) had a weird night the other night.
Ok, so we were meeting some friends at the Mall to eat at Chili’s. Our friend was returning to America and it was a send off party. Anthony and I got to the mall early. Anthony went into the “World of Locks” store to buy a lock/key thing for our office. I was chasing Isaac around and stubbed my toe on the bottom of a shelf/display in the locks store. It hurt pretty bad and when I looked down I saw I cut it open and that it was starting to bleed. I gave Isaac to Anthony and hobbled toward the bathroom a few shops away. By the time I got to the bathroom my sandal had filled with blood. I rinsed my toe off in the sink and put tissue on it but it kept bleeding.

Anthony arrived I wrapped my foot in about 3 feet of tissue and we set off in search of a clinic. Anthony found it and of course it was at the clear other end of the mall. You must understand, there are no small malls in Asia. Half a kilometer later we arrived at the clinic. The doctor said I needed stitches! I begged him not to- not because I was scared or anything I just didn’t want the hassle of stitches. So he taped it and wrapped it and said if it started bleeding again then I would have to get stitches.

Then. It’s about 1 hour before we met at Chili’s…and my tooth falls out! Lemme ‘splain. I was born without several of my permanent teeth (which my almost-a-dentist friend Cara tells me is pretty common). My molars are all still baby teeth (I also don’t have wisdom teeth). This tooth had slowly been dying (part of it had already broken off) and a couple weeks ago at the dentist the doctor said the roots were nearly gone. So Anthony went and got me more tissue for my mouth. Luckily it didn’t hurt! Craziness.

We get to Chili’s. Eat. Leave Chili’s with little incident.

We were trying to leave the mall and were changing Isaac in the incredible baby care rooms they have here (do they have those in America? You can nurse your baby on a sofa and change your baby on a changing table, they also have small play areas and hot/cold water machines for formula. They rock and I hope they have them in the US!) Then Anthony stepped on my toe. Oops. It bled horribly once again. When I got to the clinic the nurse (pretty sure without thinking) said, “So you didn’t keep it elevated did you?” Seriously? Elevated? At Chili’s? As the doctor gave me stitches I couldn’t help but wonder aloud, “How in the world did I end up here? This is so random!” He also gave me a tetanus shot, antibiotics, and some pain pills.
The stitches are out now and hopefully the cut will heal soon. I think my poor little pinky toe is gonna look weird from now on!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

You can get stitches in the mall??? Now THAT is cool!!!!
Definitely sounds like an eventful day! :) Fun post :)

Roberts said...

Are the baby care rooms really common there? I have NOT seen one that sounds like that here. There is ONE mall that I know of that has a nursing room...that's it. Regarding nursing in public, America sucks at making it easy.

KellieT said...

You should just know that this kinda stuff doesn't happen to normal people. ;) And no, I never found a mall in America with a baby room. :(

Brandon and April said...

no. no awesome baby rooms here. most of them you just want to get in and out of as quickly as possible before contracting a deadly disease. IKEA has the best one I've seen. go figure.

yeah...that's one crazy day. Up there with possibly the weirdest day ever! but I'm impressed with any mall that has a clinic that can do stitches. neat.o

Cara said...

Aint no thang! You just come on back to the good ole US and I'll fix dem teeth up rite!! :)
Guatemala was greaT by the way!

strawbeyi said...

hello..i'm just bloghpping and found yours..isaac is a handsome boy..;0