April 19, 2009

Easter 2009

We spent Easter with the Law Family and a couple other American friends. It was laid back and fun. Easter (unlike Christmas and Valentines Day) here hasn't gotten too commercialized yet so it's actually pretty easy to just focus on the real meaning of it all. Mrs. Law fixed roastbeef...sooo good.We brought drinks and on the way over the tea spilled:)

I'm sure if we're still in the states next year for Easter that it'll be a much bigger deal (probably won't be wearing jeans:) But it was fun just chillin'. Isaac enjoyed hanging out and watching tv with his "cousins." :) Eli now actually introduces Isaac as, "this is my cousin Isaac." So sweet!


Roberts said...

Isaac looks soooo cute in that smiley pic! I think that "electric blue" is his best color. :)

marylou said...

ok...will you please tell isaac to stop growing...just until he comes home (wink)...he suddenly seems to be getting way too big too fast (i think its a grandma thing)