February 05, 2009

World Heritage Site- Melaka

We went overnight to watch the Superbowl with some friends and on our drive back we stopped by one of the most famous places to visit here. It's actually taken us 2 and half years to make it to Melaka. Last year it was deemed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO...which in case you don't know, is a big deal. The city is a port city and over the centuries it has accumulated a rich history. I think I heard once it was the place where the "winds meet" meaning it's great for sailing big ships from Europe, Arabia, and India to China, Japan, and beyond. Different nations, particularly the Portuguese, have colonized it. In fact the local people from there actually look different (their noses particularly look more European)...which is a testimony to what a unique place it is since it's only about 3 hours from the capital and this nation only has about 23 million people total. You can tell before someone says, "I'm from Melaka" that they're from Melaka. They're proud of their heritage...as they should be!
There's lots of antique shops and other "old stuff" to see like the Christ Church and "Jonker Street." The whole place just has a very distinct feel to it. We're definitely going back! A fountain dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria.
Isaac checking out the cool tile in front of an antique store.
Isaac and I making our crazy smile faces in front of St. Francis church.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

I LOVE that picture of Isaac Smiling!! He has the best smile!!! Too cute!

marylou said...

melaka looks so interesting...but the best pic to me is the last one of litte isaac walking with daddy (smile)...ok, and the one of him squatting down hah...hmmmm, and the one by the fountain.....