February 15, 2009

Love Birds...

We went to the bird-park on Valentine's Day- with Isaac of course (can you see the date on Anthony's armband?) Isaac's more like a training wheel or a wheel on a Tonka truck than a "Third Wheel" and he comes with a stroller, so you can put the 3rd wheel on wheels if need be. We had never been there and it was fun! There are a lot of birds not in cages, and because of our residency visa, we got in for less than half-price. Woohoo!This was painted on one of the walls. No kissing in public though for risk of paying a fine...(although I doubt anyone would have given us a ticket on Valentine's Day!)
We went into the parrot enclosure (kinda like the velociraptor enclosure in Jurassic Park). All was going well.
Isaac liked feeding the birds and didn't mind how close they were.
Until one (2nd from the left) bit his hand. He cried so loud! It left a mark (you can still see it today!) but I was laughing and couldn't do anything because both arms were occupied. Then as he was crying a couple birds landed on him and my head and scared him even worse. It wasn't as bad as the poor cow in the Velociraptor cage (he stopped crying before we even got out of the enclosure) but still...poor Miniman!
Isaac's favorite birds were the toucans (so like any parents with only one child, we used the money we saved from the entrance fee and bought him a stuffed toucan). There were several Hornbills flying around as well- huge!If you're ever in town we'll take you! (unless you come on Valentine's Day, then we'll ask you to babysit:)


jdk0103 said...

Great post and pics! We need to go there sometime, don't know why we never visited while living there :(

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Looks like a fun day :) I want to see a picture of the stuffed Toucan! Fun! Too cute :)
That picture of him crying is too cute and funny :) aww!

Aashini had a bird attack too when we were in the states!