February 12, 2009

For Dorks Like Us Who Love to Read People Much Smarter than Us

Yale did something very cool.

They put EVERYTHING Jonathan Edwards ever wrote online... for free.

Of course, they did this after I dropped a Benjamin on "The Works of Jonathan Edwards" a couple years back.

It's ok... I still got some Hamilton's, and when I can I drop 'em like Aaron Burr.

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Martha Durrance said...

Guess I'm officially a dork. But aren't all English majors? I've always loved "Sinners in the Hands..." and loved this link. Checked it out, and was fascinated by the page on Billy Graham's preaching of "Sinners..." I didn't realize he had preached it before, but the intros by the professors were interesting. Apparently, when Graham preached it he changed a few words to make it a tad more merciful.