July 07, 2008

Ketchup #3- Thailand

So after our one-day break we were off to Thailand. Most of it was a business trip, but we managed to get some vacation time in too:)
By this point Isaac was a pro at flying.We slept in as often as we could:)Waking up before it was absolutely necessary is against vacation rules!We hung out and watched Wimbledon on the free satellite...but that wasn't the thing that really interested Isaac...

Then to round off Isaac's water experiences for the month...a big pool!My legs look like they belong on a T-Rex in that picture! Ha!
He was a hit with locals who had no qualms with picking him up out of his stroller or taking him out of my arms. It should be interesting when we get to the 6-month "stranger anxiety" stage and they try to take him from his mama!We took some family pictures too:)

Thailand has "Baht Buses" or Song-Tows that you can catch to many places around town.
You can take a baht bus to a market......or to a delicious Mexican Restaurant in the red-light part of town. Actually, this city in Thailand is known for its "Red-light-ness" if you will, so there's really no part of town that isn't red light. So what can you do but go and enjoy good food while the waitresses pick up your baby and show them to all the other girls in the restaurant while you eat in peace? haha!
Just a note for anyone concerned out there... we didn't pick this town to meet in and in order to keep meals as family friendly as possible, we always went early to dinner. We also made a point to buy some items from a company that exists from women who have come out of prostitution. The women are trained to make cute handicrafts and other small items...we do what we can!


Roberts said...

That family picture of y'all is perfect!! And Isaac talking and cooing is so cute...is that his own picture? How funny! When Hazel sees a video of herself laughing, she laughs too. I guess the joke is always funny. And to Isaac, he knows he is always interested in what he has to say! :)

Brandon and April said...

I LOVE baby noises! what a cute coo he's got!! the pictures are all great! can't believe how big he's getting! and can't believe how busy you guys have been! wow!!

kelsey said...

very cool. Is that Miguel's? I love that restaurant!!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Fun :) Great family picture :) Great post ;)

effe03 said...

This one's my favorite update...Isaac is sooo cute! And one question, why would you have to eat early to keep your meals family friendly? Other than it's Thailand at night?

Anthony and Sharon said...

Emily- yep. His own picture. You should see him in front of a mirror!

Kelsey- It was the "Blue Parrot"...just a hole in the wall place right across the street from the New Orleans restaurant in downtown Pattaya.

Heather- Sorry, maybe I was too vague. That city is crawling with prostitutes. The later it gets in the evening they are basically just lined up down the street. Not that it's tempting for Anthony or anything, it's just not something you want to push a baby stroller through.