July 30, 2008

Football (aka- Soccer)

We went to watch the national team play against Chelsea last night. For all those who don't know (since most of you are Americans who live in America, you probably don't)...Chelsea is a "Football Club." It's one of THE best teams in the world of soccer...its in the "English Premier League" which is the most popular league in the world. David Beckham played for Manchester United...another of the English Premier League teams. Just fyi.
We had a great time! And Chelsea- on their pre-season (I think...still have a lot to learn!) Asian tour- scored a merciful 2 goals on the national team to win 2-0. Although I think the national team guys were playing their best and Chelsea guys were only having fun.
It was Isaac's first professional sports event! He liked it as there was plenty of stuff to look at. Never thought I would ever go to a pro-soccer game much less it be one of my children's first exposure to sports. Fun! (Don't worry, the AMERICAN football season is about to start... we've got jersey's and t-shirts ready...also, NO I'm not a Seahawks fan...the hat was free and I felt "sporty" wearing it. I don't have a Dolphins/Braves/Gators/Seminoles/Jaguars hat or I would have worn it for sure.) Definitely a Father-Son type of thing! Anthony loved holding Isaac and just being at a game with him. Awesome:)
The cheering bothered him- especially "the wave" for some reason. But eventually he was able to drown the crowd and go to sleep. We had a great time!


Cara said...

HOW EXCITING!! What an awesome Father/Son moment! I can't wait to see him in that Gator shirt!!

jdk0103 said...

We are soooo jealous! Wish we could have been there :( And yes, we did think it was quite a low score for Chelsea. Guess they were being nice :) Glad you guys had fun!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

How fun! Aashini's first sporting event was Cricket and she did NOT like it!!! She screamed for the first 30 min... so we had to take her home :) haha! oh well... Looks like he had fun :) Love the first 2 shots!

Roberts said...

That picture of Isaac looks like he is cheering the team on!! James was a huge Arsenal fan, back when Henry used to play. He would stay up late in India to watch the games, so I'm sure he would have loved that match!