July 07, 2008

Ketchup #2- English Camp2

We went home, had 2 days to rest and then it was back on another airplane to another part of the country to do another week of camp.This camp location was on the beach too! We were NOT in charge of deciding camp locations, but we think the folks who were did great!It was fun again. This time Mr. Guru came and helped us introduce Ultimate Frisbee... we did it the week before too, but it rained nearly the whole time so the second week's Ultimate was way better!
We were getting to know our visitors from the US better and had a lot of fun with them as well. Buddy did some freestyle beat-boxing and Anthony joined in on the guitar. Later on in the week one of the campers played the recorder and they did it again...HILARIOUS! If y'all beg me, I'll see if I can find the video and post it.
One video we will show... Here they are very big on "Closing Ceremonies." Even something as informal as a camp for middle schoolers ends in a closing ceremony. Usually some important official (who hasn't been at the camp or even knows what's going on) comes and gives a speech and lots of awards are handed out. We had closing ceremonies for both weeks but the second week a group of (5th grade age maybe?) kids came and performed some cultural dances. These kids were good! They had even traveled to London to perform there. We enjoyed it. After a week of speaking English and talking about "...in America we..." it was great to see some of the local culture...and a quality performance at that!

The east coast is known for its batik. So at the end of camp we got to go to a batik factory...very cool!
Right before we left we ate at the local public beach. This is the public beach?! Gorgeous! I think the McDonald's there has one of the best McD locations in the world!
Then it was back on a plane! We had one day to do laundry, take Isaac to the doctor for vaccines/check-up, debrief the folks from the US, and then re-pack to leave for Thailand the next morning! (See there's a reason the blog hasn't been updated in a month!)


Four4Him said...

Hey Anthony and Sharon,

Don't you just hate it when someone picks out the place and makes you suffer for it. I know that I really don't enjoy it when my fishing groups come and we have to suffer by looking at a dreaded sunrise from the beach every morning. Ha, ha. Glad to see you guys are getting in some great experiences in nice places, while calling it work!

Take care,

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Awesome! What fun adventures :)

effe03 said...

Isaac's pic at the batik is so funny and cute! I think he was really fascinated by all the colors:) What a cute nephew!!