May 17, 2008

"...he's IN-famous..."

So, just like everybody else, we like to drop names and talk about anyone "famous" we know or have met.

Take for instance that we have Matt Diaz listed on our blog links. He plays for the Atlanta Braves in left field. His older brother Zach is married to Sharon's older sister Heather. We know and enjoy hanging out with him and his wife Leslee. See? It's so easy and fun to talk about "famous" people.

Sharon also met Micheal Jackson at Disney World once. That story used to be cooler. Now we try not to include the part about him riding "Peter Pan's Flight" with the kid from the Pepsi commercial (you have to be older than like 25 to remember the Pepsi commercial...)

So... on to the post. While all of you out there- maybe except for Justin and Daniela- haven't heard about the following people, WE have. So, feel free to be jealous of the following pictures.

First. See the boy in this advertisement? (the big one with the brown can tell how big the picture is...that's Mrs. Guru's blurry arm at the bottom)...Here he is again with the white shirt... any of you blog-stalkers out there recognize him?
It's K4!!! He did some modeling for a nationwide brand. The pictures above are in a huge department store in a mall here (need to see if the pic is in other malls as well). Neat huh? And just for proof that we do know's a pic of famous K4 in our living room. How lucky we are...:)
And this girl. Jaclyn Victor. She's one of about 4 famous singers here. She's beautiful and has probably the widest mouth of any singer (or person for that matter) that we've ever seen. She's totally recognizable...
And get recognized she did. On Anthony's flight to Indonesia this week she was on the plane right behind him (funny, she was taking the "discount carrier" airline... It'd be like seeing Mariah Carey on a Southwest Airline flight). He didn't have the camera with him...but THEN on his way home today she was on the same flight AGAIN! And this time we had a camera...
She wasn't all made up. Or as she put it when I asked her for the picture, "Sure. But I'm such a mess!" with her cute accent. But it's most definitely her (famous people wear big sunglasses).
Yay for famous people!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha!! How fun! that's awesome!
Adam said he was at Disney too the day Michael Jackson was there (maybe the same day?) - he didn't get to see him though :) haha!

Brandon and April said...

that was a cool post. but the coolest thing about it is how big isaac looks in that picture at the bottom!! wow!!! growin' boy!!!
glad you know some famous people!! :)

marylou said...

abcdwow, how neat! hmmm, she doesn't look that bad to me...guess i need huge sunglasses. glad your family is back together and anthony's home safe and sound...and isaac does look really big wow! gosh, nothing interesting ever happens in my life...maybe i'm just on the wrong side of the world (; love ya!

jdk0103 said...

We can't believe she was on both flights!!! How crazy, glad you guys got a pic though :) K-4's add is great, did they airbrush his freckles???? We like his freckles, they're so cute!

Paul and Julia said...

Don't forget you are friends with Julia Roberts:)