October 13, 2007

Happy Hari Raya!

The month of fasting is over!
That means its time to eat and relax with family and friends.
Last year we went to around 10 homes in one day eating in every single one (and understanding much less of the language than we did today)... we woke up kinda like Adik thinking the day might be as long as it was last year (not that it's not fun, it was just looonnnggg last year)Today was different- to our relief, we admit- and we ended up only visiting in two homes.
We figure it's kinda like Christmas back in the states where some years, there just seems to be more people there and more stuff happening, and other years it's quieter. Today was a relatively quiet day in comparison.
The two homes we visited in were Kakak and Abang's parents' homes. Without further delay...the pictures...

This is the only picture we have with just our outfits and a close-up of them...
Snazzy huh? (My dad is probably looking at my "Pop-eye" eye and laughing...it was a sunny day here!) I took a belly picture for the baby blog in my outfit...
Here are the kids...
We're not real sure why BangMan's fly looks like its open. The "skirts" they have around their waists are separate from the rest of the outfit... his kept doing that the whole day...we thought it was funny.
And here is Kakak and Abang and their kids...And here us with some of Abang's family (his mom and dad, and sister's family...)I love this pic...
After the 'formal' greeting when his dad entered the room, Abang's dad pulled him in for a great big hug. (ignore the magazine!)

Next we went to Kakak's parents' house...
No formal pictures there (they're more laid back)
but some of Kakak's extended family came by while we were there... we think it's so cute when all the kids dress the same! Reminds me (Sharon) of Christmases when me and my sisters would be all dressed the same.
These boys' dad had the same outfit on too, but since I didn't know him, I decided not to bother him with a picture.
Anthony had left his guitar in the back of our car and BangMan and Adik found it and asked him to play... these are our best friends, so it's kinda funny that he's never played for them before!
It was a great day...much more laid back than last year!

(Sidenote: Today our good friend Jason got married to his BEAUTIFUL bride Lena back in the states. We wish all the dressing up we did today was to be with you guys! Congrats!)


Sharon's Mama said...

What fun!! Love all the pictures!! I had the same thoughts about the "dressing alike" for the holidays. Your Grandmother especially enjoyed the shopping part. I always was in charge of the finishing touches like getting you and your sister's waist length hair just right and keeping it that way until we got to church or at least got the picture made!! Having hung out with Kakak's family myself, I am in shock at the cuteness of her littlest one as he poses at the end of the couch. He LOOKS like he always does exactly what he's asked to do!!! NOT!! But children will always surprise you with the things they do and their timing!! Tell everyone they look great!
Love to all!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Cool Pics!! I love the green and blue boys :) Very fun! Oh, and the "open fly shot" - too cute :) You guys look great in your outfits! It's a perfect year not to have a super busy day :) Whoo hoo!