October 29, 2007

...gotta be the cheechaks...

Cheechaks (spelled "cicak" here) are small gecko/lizards we have here. They're everywhere and we've given up trying to keep them out of our house. Then again, we're from Florida and they're not much different than the common small lizards found on any porch in the Sunshine State.

So yesterday we went to IKEA and picked up a couple of things. One was a handy-dandy basket to hang from our shelves in the kitchen (plan on putting potatoes, onions, and garlic in it instead of on top of my microwave which is where they've been) and another was a hook to hang from said basket...on this hook I planned to hang bananas (which had also been on top of the microwave).

I come home.
Put my basket on the shelf.
Put the hook on the basket.
Put the bananas on the hook.
Then go into the living room for a few minutes.
Anthony heads to the kitchen after putting together our new trashcan from IKEA and says,
"Have you seen the bananas?"
I thought he was just being sweet and sharing in my excitement over my new basket and banana hanger.
"Whaddya mean?"- I say playing into it, while heading into the kitchen.
I round the corner and this is what I find...
I burst into laughter (doesn't take much)...
My favorite banana is the one that is somehow wedged between the coffee maker and the microwave....and the half-peeled part as one must have slowly dropped....The bananas weren't old or anything and it was only a few minutes. We didn't hear them drop, so we're just gonna blame it on the cheechaks.

Also, here is our new trashcan. No this is not a replacement for the bucket that melted (that was just a bucket) we just finally got a bigger trashcan and wanted one with a lid...they don't really have rubbermaid stuff here, so we opted for the metal lever-powered one from IKEA...then again, given the chance I'll opt to go to IKEA anytime!


SouthAsiaRolls said...

Cool! You can defintely burn some stuff in that bucket! Don't take those Cicaks for granted. I think they eat roaches.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

THose bananas look awesome!! haha! they cracked me up! We love our geckos here... they eat all the other bugs!! (even roaches) - they rock!

Craig and Angie said...

Hey I will be up for a IKEA run when we get there!!! Mark it down!!

The Agarwals said...

Ahh... still waiting on that IKEA here! But the banana pics are hilarious!! I love how the peel is just hanging there. Have you tried out that hook again?