August 21, 2007

"To the bat cave!"

Mt. Smile is actually a mountain that has a very extensive cave system within it. Part of it is accessible without equipment (a nice boardwalk on the inside).The mountain is so cool as it literally just shoots up out of the's flat until you get to the entrance of the caves. Like any cave there are bats inside, but they were all asleep when we went in...ya just gotta be careful and not touch the rocks too much- there's only one place bat poo goes- down.

Here's us inside the caves (sorry, this was the best our camera could do)
It got pretty dark inside. Here's from the inside looking out:
It was a great place to look around and explore.Back down at the campgrounds (where we had been taken the day before in our banana suits) the festivities were still going on. Dressed in normal clothes hardly anyone noticed us - it was so fun! These ladies were playing "Tolak Tali" or "Rope Push." They also had "Tarik Tali," which is "Rope Pull," what we Americans know as "Tug O War," but this particular version you have to turn around the other way and 'push' the rope. Only the ladies did it this way. It was interesting - way more people fell down "pushing" the rope than "pulling" it. Lots of fun.
We hope you enjoyed this post... it's proof that we really do enjoy the culture when we're not thrust to the front in situations that get us stared at. It was a very pleasant experience exploring the caves and watching the field events from the sidelines in relative anonymity.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Those caves are cool! Awesome!

Mama D. said...

Let's remember back to a "night zoo" post.... ah yes yes ... the bats. I'm so proud of you Anthony! (Bruce Wayne is too!)
Love you!


Anthony and Sharon said...

I'm good with bats in their natural habitat, just not when they're in an extremely small man-made net enclosure with ginormous fruit bats and all their babies swooping down in pitch-black darkness from every conceivable direction ;)

Heather said...

Holy, bat poo Batman! Thats so cool. I think caves are so neat. The mountains are so high, yet there are deep caves inside! I'm glad ya'll got to do that!