July 06, 2007

July 4th in disguise...

So for July 4th we didn't see any fireworks, or eat any BBQ
(although there is a new Tony Roma's at our favorite mall)
Instead, we just saw a movie.
An incredibly awesome movie with really cool special effects.

So while we enjoyed the movie along with the other movie-goers,
we were secretly enjoying the July 4th holiday as well.
It didn't mean anything to anyone else that it was July 4th.
I mean, except that July 4th happened to fall on a Wednesday
and that means RM6 ($1.75) movie day at the "Cineleisure."
So everyone was happy to be watching the movie.
But we were the only ones reveling in the American Heroes of the movie and the fact that OUR country- the land of the free, home of the brave, fighters of alien-robot invaders- was the one that defeated Megatron.
Happy Independence Day!


Cara said...

You guys are such sci-fi superstars! Always makin me laugh...

Cara said...

I SAW TRANSFORMERS LAST NIGHT!!! Amazing...making it towards the top of my all time favorites list. Plus, I couldn't let the one other comment be by itself. :)