July 23, 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our week in northern Thailand was filled with a lot of meetings.
But the week before going we had several friends in town...
So Anthony took advantage of the flight there...
The view of the mountains from our room was gorgeous.
Thai massages are famous... here's my (Sharon's) feet before a 45 minute Foot Reflexology. There's no pictures after the part where they wash your feet because, well, I was distracted by the amazing foot massage.
Chiang Mai also has amazing western restaurants. And not your average chains like Chili's or TGIFriday's... they're authentic places with home cooked food.
Like these authentic quesadillas.
Delisioso! (Or however you spell it...Dora would know...so would Cara...a little help from the bff?)
There's also some fun historic things to see...
Like this wall that used to surround the old city of Chiang Mai. There is a moat that runs in front of the entire length as well. So you pick up on the local lingo when asking where something is... like, "The Salsa Kitchen (where quesadilla above came from) is inside the moat..." and so on.
Chiang Mai is too big to fit within the wall now, but the remains are interesting nonetheless.
Here's us in the also-famous Night Market. They have lots of fun stuff to buy for really cheap. Like t-shirts and what not (my shirt says "Coca-cola" on it in Thai...I bought it there the night before)Here's Anthony (on the right) with a friend proudly displaying their night market gems.
It was robot tshirt day.
Thailand is also famous for Elephants.
We went out to an Elephant park one morning and were treated to a delightful show.
Here's the Elephants entering...
They did all kinds of neat things, but one of the best was painting.
Several stood in front of easels and painted some rather beautiful pictures.
Here's me feeding them. (There's a banana curled up in his trunk...he just took it from me)
And this one is fun because the elephant on the right put his trunk around my shoulders like a human does in pictures. Hilarious. The not-so-hilarious part was the elephant snot left on my neck afterwards.
One wanted to put a hat on my head. The hat is on, but this is actually a shot of it 'tapping' it down the rest of the way like an adult would to a child. Except, I don't think elephants can do very many things gently, as the taps felt like they were gonna give me a concussion. Well, maybe not THAT strong, but still...
We left Chiang Mai later that night and spent the night in the Bangkok International Airport to make it easier to make our flight to Cambodia early the next morning.
That's right...on the floor in the airport. Wouldn't have been that bad except at night they crank up the air conditioners to chill it down for the next day of doors being opened and what not, so we nearly froze. We have no pictures of it, but you can reference the one of Anthony sleeping above, but imagine us colder and not as comfortable as sleeping on a airplane tray table.
The next post will be about our weekend in Phnom Penh (Puh-nom Pen)... stay tuned!


Annie said...

Well, those elephant pics rock!! How fun! I dp have a complaint though, in almost every pic, your belly is covered up- with what looks to be a doggy bag and even an elephant trunk! Geesh, I guess I've gotta go check out that other site for an update of your little Rivers! Looks like you guys had a blast - and props to you for being preggo and sleeping on the floor!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Three cheers for Chiang Mai!! I can't wait to hear about Cambodia!

Cara said...

Those quesadillas do look very "delicioso" (or son deliciosas to be more gramatically correct, but ANYWAY!). Looks like such a good time...funny elephants.