June 29, 2007

Happy 1 year Adrienne Faith!

Zach and Heather's little strawberry turned 1 this week!
(she's our niece...Heather is Sharon's sister...just for any new blog readers out there)
In this picture she's VERY excited about her 1 year old pig-tails.
June 26th was the big day a year ago we were all blown away by the red-headed addition to our family.
She's a joy and we wish she lived a few time zones closer!
Until we see her next time, you all will just have to put up with us bragging on her via the internet.
Happy Birthday Adrienne!
We love you!


SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! I love this picture!! She's so cute :)

SouthAsiaRolls said...

That picture is so adorable!!!

SouthAsiaRolls said...

oops! I am trying to do this in Thailand and for some reason, all the buttons are in Thai. Orange or Blue? Which one!??

Cara said...

If that face doesn't make you smile, then I just don't know what would
<3 the future Dr. Cara DMD (I couldn't correct you nor comment on my post...)

Annie said...

Love this pic of her!! I can't believe that hair! We were so bummed to miss out on the big birthday event too!! But this pic totally makes up for it!