June 25, 2007

Bali, Indonesia

Our week in Bali (at a conference) was mostly spent learning how we could live better as 'foreigners' in other countries...
we met a lot of new white people that live away from home too...
it was fun...
although the Floridian part of us (which by 'part' I mean 'all')
would have loved to have had the "Healthy Living Overseas" seminar and others like it outside.
By the pool.
Or the beach.
Either would have been fine.
It's ok though, we had a great time.

The Hotel had these nifty rugs in the elevators so you could know what day it was.
They helped so much!
Monday it was a bit cloudy...but the view from our room was amazing
The mountain back there is actually a volcano...(we're about 85% sure that's a fact...still cool looking even if it's not)

Tuesday was a bit cloudy and cooler than we expected Bali to be.
We were in the Southern Hemisphere so it was technically "winter"
but we still got out to the beach later in the afternoon...There was so much coral on the beach...
That's my (Sharon) foot... if you know me well you know I have size 9 feet...
Coral as big as my feet is pretty cool....and there were tons of pieces all over...
Wednesday it rained.
And no, I'm not a monk now...that's a gorgeous pashmina wrap that the wonderful Mrs. Linda Clark gave me before I left the states...it came in so handy this week!
Wednesday wasn't all a wash...our friend Wally really enjoyed eating the flan after not having any for several months.

Thursday we all had the afternoon free .
So we went snorkeling.
The water was clearer than we thought it was gonna be and the reef had a great variety of things to see...Here's us after snorkeling.
They always like you to check the gear before you get in.
Mask suction? Check.

Friday we forgot to take a picture of the rug.
Oh well, apparently we didn't take ANY pictures on Friday...
Let's skip it then and just go to...
We didn't really do a whole lot...although I think we hurried our lunch and got a few minutes by the pool.Sunday the conference was over, but our flight didn't leave until the evening.
We were not disappointed.

K5 and I chillin' by the pool (she has a genetic edge on the whole tanning process)
It was great fun, but we are glad to be back home.
Home and slightly more bronzed of course.


Kelsey said...

Haha. Yeah, I know what size shoe you are, how could I miss it when your shoes were all over the entrance of our ILC quad. Heehee. No hard feelings though. :)

Chanclers said...

our hotels have those rugs too! only in chinese of course.
in anthony's picture on the beach his flip flops kinda look like a huge black hand gun...or at least at a quick glance they do. :)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

yeah! Looks like fun!! whoo hoo!!

Cara said...

FLAN! And real bathing suits! I bet you guys almost felt like you were home, but in an even COOLER place! Gorgeous...and the rugs are way cool...just in case you lose track of time! :)

Mama D said...

Coral...I love looking for it on the Gulf of Mexico beaches...I would be totally excited! Hopefully the abundance would not lessen the excitement of finding it. Is it against the law to take it home with you? Did you get to pet any sharks like we did in Belize when you were snorkeling? Sounds like a great trip.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the flan. What is on it? Is this like the Mexican version? Miss you!