December 14, 2006

fresh cool

Our parents will be arriving in a week and a day. Even though this is December, we have ALL the windows open in our house right now, and a ceiling fan is going...I'm still sweating. Right now. As I type this post. I love the tropics.
To help our parents' visit to be a pleasant one we had these installed today. (you should be looking at the white boxes above the windows)
Now after they get out of their hot showers- provided by the handy-dandy electric water heaters we had installed a few weeks ago- they will be able to cool down, "fresh cool" down if you will, before coming downstairs where there is no air-con and where they will begin sweating again.
We do what we can.
In other news, I stepped in cat poo (see post 3 down for details) while taking the picture of the guy on the ladder. Good thing I didn't know it until I had wiped my feet on two of the rugs in our kitchen.


Chanclers said...

i think i need to incorporate "fresh cool" into my daily vocabulary. eg: "Your blog is fresh cool."

Kelsey said...

AC, we have them. But I know what you mean abt being hot. Nothing like the desert! But right now, I'm cold sitting here with the windows shut and the ceiling fan on low. But then again, winter here is becoming cold (75 degrees) to me. AHHHHHH, I need to leave the desert, and visit somewhere cold!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so loved - hot water for my shower and a cold room to sleep in (PLUS Anthony and Sharon!!!!). I'll tell you, its better than any Holiday Inn! Mammalou

Jennifer said...

Have a great time with your family! What a treat! My family is coming in March.