September 06, 2006

4 Week-aversary

We've been here 4 weeks Today! (Wednesday)
Last Thursday we celebrated Independence Day here. We went to a local jungle with Abang and his family and had a great time. We swam, ate, swam, played in waterfalls, and ate a little more. Nothing like celebrating independence from the British twice in one year. These folks are great at relaxing.
We didn't take any pictures of the big waterfalls we played in because they were too far away...and like Johnny May-May says "Hopin' I would see the world with both my no more 3x5's" If you come see us, we'll take you there:)

Also this week...we moved into our house! It is still being cleaned, having furniture delivered and what not, but here it is...This is the outside...this was taken before our bars were put on the windows and doors and before the overgrowth was cleared out of the yard. We feel like we live in a castle compared to our two-ROOM apartment we had for the first 2 years of our marriage.

This is the view from the living room looking out. We love the potential in the front yard. More to come when paint goes on the walls, furniture is delivered, and flowers get planted.


Anonymous said...

BFF gets to play house! Only not so much play b/c it's fo real...too bad in another country so we can't go to Big Orange Paradise together...

Anonymous said...

AHHhhh! It's Beautiful! Umm... can I move in with ya'll? Between the awesome home, amazing food, beautiful scenery, and, of course, the sheer hillarity that IS Anthony and Sharon- it sounds like a win-win for me! Love you and still praying, Min

Kristin Cast said...

Hey Sharon! I love reading your posts so much, I decided to create one as well. It is so good to see you guys being blessed over there! God just shines right through you. I enjoy so much readong all of your blogs. I am so sorry about your grandmother. I know those times are hard. Anthony and I pray for you and Anthony continually.

kookooblog said...

The first picture of the jungle is beautiful. I can hear the river in my head. Brings back memory. And your house! It looks real good! Show more pics next time!

kookooblog said...

sorry i gave you the wrong web address.

you might have to sign up for a site to see pics... try it out

Four4Him said...

Hey guys,

Wow, we love the pictures of your house! We know you must be loving it. We think of you all often. We have had friends say that they are afraid to give everything up. It is neat to see how HE provides more than we can think or imagine at times. If you ever get near the mid-east give us a shout out.