September 12, 2006

Monkeys, Sunsets, and Dwarves

So no one will be held in suspense any longer as to what I said in the video 2 posts we go...
"Sorry. What time is it?" Then I just named some dolls, not sure what order now but, "Woman, Man, Old people, girl, boy, and baby." Ya'll are all now unimpressed...I can feel the disappointment as you all sit at your computers and go "That was it?"
Although Joanna was incorrect, we applaud her efforts to guess (as she knows at least 2 languages fluently and speaks them with no accent) MamaKoo...anytime you're in our corner of the world, you're welcome to stay the charge.

On to the pictures. Since nothing significant enough to warrant more than one picture happened this week, here is yet another hodge-podge of pictures. Enjoy.
The first is for all the kiddies out there. (and those like our friend Corey Z. who loves monkeys)
The next is a sunset picture in the city. This picture isn't an old Christmas picture...the lights on the intersection are always there.
The next is a photo of all the objects we can name (in theory at least).
This last picture is for Paul and Julia Roberts who are (Jules please don't kill me!) expecting their first baby next year! Congratulations guys. No this isn't a prayer for you guys to have septuplets...we were just wondering if Paul could help us find Dumpy.
(As one that loathes inside jokes proclaimed in public places... The joke came about something like this as we were concluding our day at Disney World. "So where did you guys park?" Rivers:"Oh we got here early, so we're in Pluto 19. Where are you guys?" Paul: "Um...I think we're in Dumpy." )

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Chanclers said...

yo stove face, We do appreciate the no-picture-read-it-anyways...And I love your picture of the christmas light intersection. It's either that they just don't have a clue or are too lazy to put them up and then take them down so soon. There's a restaurant close to us that has Santa pictures posted on all the walls.