May 05, 2012

Small Projects

I follow this blog about once per week...
It's more of a reminder to me, "Ehem. Sharon? Remember that quilt you want to sew for your daughter to have and to hold for all time? You've done zilcho to it." A creative kick in the shins each week to get the tractor 'a rollin'.

or rather

I'm linking up and making a small projects list because I actually DO need something to push me over the edge into bog of eternal stench where, as everyone knows, just one foot in and you stink forever.
But who doesn't like a good list?

In no particular.
* A pillow cover- possibly of the scrappy quilted variety
* A "sprucing up" of the plain gray pillow covers on my couch.
* Headbands for my baby girl (and maybe for me too)
* more "barefoot" sandals for my baby girl (already made some of these and am considering going into debt to purchase every color jersey fabric on the planet to make more because they are SO. DERN. CUTE!)
* baby spit rags for some friends' babies
* "liners" for the toy buckets

My Pinterest "Sewtastic" board has all of the cutesy pics for these links on it. And a few of the projects on there I've already finished! like, this one, this one, this one and this one! They all turned out great!


Cara said...

Your blog and photos need a like button! I want to "like" them all!

Jason and Charity Palmer said...

girl, you are rockin' it! Those baby sandals are to. die. for. And can I please holla at that lil baby shirt, er dress? CUTE!!! Wish I could sew. Maybe I need to get on that...but I think I'll stick to painting for now :)

Emily said...

I LOOOOVE the baby sandals!!! I wanna travel back in time so my girls can have them too!