May 11, 2012

I promise this isn't a sewing blog...

This week I finished 2 "small projects" (see post below this one).
Granted, neither of things I made were on my list, but necessity is the mother of invention and so went my week.

First little project: Filing Cabinet Liner

I tried to put our video camera case up and it just kept falling through the openings in the drawer (as the drawers are designed for file folders...crazy filing cabinet.) So, in order to not be frustrated and also to practice a bit for one of the things that IS on my small projects list, I made this liner.

Buttons folks. I. Used. Buttons. I made the button hole and everything. (Tutorial here...will blow your mind how easy!)

"Just pin and sew right over it" they say! "You don't have to pull the pins out!" they say.  Kaylee you know this photo is for you. From the bottom of my heart.

Second little project: Case for Phil&Ted's Traveller mattress.

New neighbors are moving in next door. Today from 15 minutes after Immanuelle went down for her morning nap until just after she finished her afternoon nap, there was CONSTANT drilling. Concrete walls. Drilling. You gettin' the picture? And it was coming from the shared wall between i3's room and the neighbors. The house was shaking, baby was crying. So I got out our handy dandy Phil & Ted's Traveller and set it up in my room hoping Ellie Bird could get some sleep a bit farther from the epicenter of the noise (nice try Mom...she was so exhausted by the afternoon, she did sleep, even through the drilling)

We use our Traveller a lot. If you are expecting your first child and are in the market and/or want to give a super awesome, better-than-a-pack-n-play-anyday infant travel bed to someone, THIS is your bed. So light (hi there expensive baggage on airlines), so sleek looking (no hoakie teddy bears here folks), so small folded up, and even comes with a mosquito net in case the baby in question will be spending time in Africa and/or the great outdoors. FANTASTIC baby product. So are their strollers. We have one of those too. Go check out the site.
Rabbit Trail!  The Traveller's air mattress slides under the bed (so that baby can't lift it up or get caught under it), but we rarely use it that way and just throw it in the bottom instead of sliding it into it's zippable pouch underneath. It never fails though, at every single hotel on the planet it is nigh impossible to get a sheet or blanket to lay on the bottom of the bed. Blankets are too scratchy, or the sheets are too "light" and so as soon as baby moves, they're laying on a big wrinkled mess and cry waking up the other 4 members of their family. True story.

So promotional ad for Phil&Ted's done and long story, short- I made an air-mattress "case" to slide the mattress in. No more calling hotel staff requesting extra bed linens, babies crying from sheets moving too much, or scratchy nasty blankets. The mattress case can just be left on the mattress too and rolled up and put in the bag, taking up untraceable extra room.

I just disassembled 2 pillow cases, and reassembled them to create the case. Sure they are bright, but they were free!

So those were my sewing projects for the week!
Did necessity drive you to do anything this week?


Aygee said...

Whaaaaa! You have managed to do- not once, nor twice, but at least three times - what most people have never even accopmlished in their lifetime. I wish I were that gangsta.

And about these new neighbors.... Any outside paint job involved???

BrettDeAnnaGib said...

So creative. Miss our Phil and Ted's. Left it behind for the team. :) You should totally market this in Asia. You would be a hit! - DeAnna