February 26, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore

It's our birthday today! I share every important day all year with my hubby except for Mother's Day. And since it's late, it's my birthday, I have an early flight in the morning, wrote waaaay too much in my last post, AND kept you waiting over a month to post something else... here's a ree-donk-u-lus amount of pictures from our day at Universal Studios Singapore. We had a blast. And yes, all you Floridians reading this, it can most definitely hold it's own against the great Orlando parks we've come to judge all other parks by so snooty-like. It's smaller, but packs a great punch!

Monorail onto "Sentosa Island"...where several resorts and Universal are located...just off downtown Singapore.

Sci-Fi City has "Transformers" the ride. Coolest ever! Anthony and I traded watching the kids while we each went through the "Single Rider" lines. So we mostly took pics of the kids while the other rode the rides!
Boys and booger humor. Starts early and never ends!

...we plan to take these guys to see the REAL Egypt one of these days!
Next time I'm bringing extra clothes for myself too. It was so hot and that fountain was needed!

Jurassic Park section rocked!
Far Far Away section also rocked as it provided air conditioning in "Fairy Godmother Potion Shop" and inside the castle in the Shrek 4D ride.

Sweetest. Baby. Ever.

There was that time when Isaiah picked a "flower" for me. Fairy tales do come true!

Shrek 4D. Same ride as the one in Orlando, but located inside the castle. So awesomer.

Rollercoaster riders!
The only mishaps of the day happened in the Madagascar section. Just after this photo was taken the ride got dark and the boys screamed in terror the whole way through. Shouting at them to "MOVE IT MOVE IT" when King Julien came along to dance helped zilcho. I'll spare you the video.
We then dried our tears and ran into the giant characters from Madagascar outside the ride. Isaiah only shook his head with a look of "you crazy" when I asked if he wanted a picture. Just after this picture it was time for all the characters to go back inside. Somehow Isaiah got caught up in the parade and the Hippo ran into him, disoriented him, and he stumbled through and past the Lion and the penguins in horror and tears. I WOULD show that video except I did that super annoying thing where you turn the record button "off" when you're really wanting to turn it on. Gah. Seriously though. Funny stuff. He's ok now.

All 3 kids in 1 stroller. I know. We are amazing.

After fountain playing we changed clothes and made kissy faces. It was seriously that fun.

Both of these sleeping children photos are courtesy of Anthony J. Rivers, father of awesomeness. I got off Transformers (for the 2nd time) and was greeted by napping children. Birthday miracles is what I like to call them!

I did this same jump at Universal Orlando back in November 2010. But I never blogged about it so you'll just have to believe me.
Only Zayah's undying love for "Kartun Panda" (I promise we tell them everytime it's "KUNG FU") allowed him to get this close to old Po the Dragon Warrior. I still don't think he trusts him.
...and that was our day! Happy Birthday week!


Cara said...

Isaiah's facial expressions are ah-mazing. That kid cracks me up. By the way, today marks 3 more months until I'm THERE!!! In PERSON! For real...happy birthday and early anniversary. You're welcome.

Brandon and April said...

Isaiah's face in the second to last photo says it all! Distrust is oozing from his skin toward Po. Hilarious. Btw...your stroller looks sparkly clean compared to ours! Seriously, did you scrub it down or something?!
Looks like you had a blast! I'm hating the fact that you probably have to have your passport to get there from your place right? Meaning...we might not be able to go in June!!

Jason and Charity Palmer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you guys! Looks like such a fun trip...glad you got to do it! Your kids are 100% preciousness...and there's really not much sweeter than a sleeping baby. Glad it was a fun, successful trip!