July 28, 2010


We have spent some good time with most of Isaac and Isaiah's cousins this summer. Lots of fun memories made. The only ones we haven't seen this summer are Kyle and Katie but we're hoping to go see them in the next few weeks. The ones in this post live close-by:)

My blogfriend Emily asked me to inform the blogworld about updates on our family since I mentioned in the last post on the boys' blog that next summer we'd be overseas. Yes! We're hoping to return to our adopted home in Southeast Asia sometime around December. All the details are not confirmed yet, but that is our hope! More details to come later, but if I get sappy in this post about cherishing this time with our cousins you'll get me. It'll also be the reason why I post one gazillion pictures...they're more for the cousins than for the readers we're not related to...but enjoy!

Time is limited.

Cousins...Adrienne's 4th birthday at Disney World. Emmett Dinky Doo looking cute.
I think Isaac looks like a film director here with his hat, long hair, and contemplative look.
You'll notice a theme in Adrienne's pictures. She usually has her arms wrapped around her baby brother or her baby cousin. She'll be a great (s)mother one day. :)
All of us. On a boat. In the rain. That's 15 people!
You may be thinking. Who's the laughing chick? This is Daniela (mentioned in the previous post). Her and Justin are in the above picture. The 15th man on board the boat in the rain is the baby in her belly! Justin and Daniela worked with us overseas. There's this thing that happens when you cross an ocean. All American friends become "Aunts" and "Uncles" of American kids. So. This is really Aunt Daniela. And that makes the baby in her belly Cousin Baby. (She's laughing hysterically at our husbands on a tube by the way.)
Oh my Oh my OH MY! Who wants a hug from a two-year-old? ME!!!
It really didn't matter that it rained on July 4th. Not with cousins like this around! When people say Isaac looks like Anthony I always think (and sometimes say) "That's because you've never seen all the kids on my side of the family."
I could have chosen the picture without Adri's finger up her nose. But what fun would that be?
Jeremiah and Isaac teaming up against the girls.The girls and boys in a water fight. Kaelyn's face (pink bathing suit) is so intense. While Zay attempts to act casual about eating grass.
Kara. Oh Kara. No words describe!
Laina proving to be an awesome babysitter of a cousin! When she's around, I can do dishes in peace!
Who says you can't drink out of the hose? Too cute!
Yay for Laina and her four-wheeler. Isaac loves riding with her!
That's it for now. Yay for cousins!


jdk0103 said...

Hahahahhaha!!! I look like an idiot!!! Thanks to Justin and Anthony lookin' all crazy on the tube, LOL! Good times :)

Emily said...

Great pictures!! I feel like I know your family now. :) Your boys couldn't be more adorable if they tried.

Martha said...

No doubt about it, those cousins are the best! Although, it's a good thing Isaac was born overseas, because otherwise, Bobby and I really could claim him as our own.