August 08, 2009

To the 3 of you who still follow our blog...

So, some things have changed since we last posted over 2 months ago. In no particular order:

* We moved back to the other side of the world.
* We did our yearly blog remodel about 8 months late.
* We got annual Disney passes and have entered the parks 11 separate times.
* We've completed our homestudy for our adoption!
* We went deep sea fishing.
* We spent several days in NYC, the first American city Isaac has ever been in.
* Isaac has gotten ridiculously cuter (but still doesn't talk much)... exactly like his daddy.
* We visited Singapore.
* Sharon and Isaac were quarantined for a day for suspected H1N1 and were released only hours before we flew back to the US.
* We went to Bali.
* We went to Atlanta and watched a Braves game.

There - I think we're all caught up now. I know I feel better :)


roger and courtney said...

Sounds like you all have been busy! What are you doing now? Coming to RVA anytime soon?

Cara said...

It's about stinkin time!! Of course, I knew most of that already...but it's been a habit to check your blog daily over the last three years...i was having withdrawals.

Kellie said...

I love being among the elite. ;)

Brandon and April said...

make that 4. :)

marylou said...

somethin tells me there's more than 4 cause.....yep, here's no. 5! back to disney!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

So fun! That rocks!!
so now that you've done the homestudy all you do is wait right??? or do you have more stuff to fill out?

Carmen said...

Not a "follower." We're "lurkers" since we never post. :o) It was such a treat to run into you guys at Disney! I had been wanting to see you, but we've been about as busy as you. When the smoke clears and the dust settles we've got to have some time with you. We have an exchange student coming in this Saturday from Hangzhou, China ( the city where we were united with Olivia). She will be with us for the school year and get this...her grandparents are Christians! Our prayer is that she will be also by the time she says, "Zài jiàn." Love you guys!
-Carmen, Dale, Abigail and Olivia

mommykoo said...

hey!! yeah more than 3. so glad to be spying on your life again. hey how much is your adoption plan? pricey?

Craig and Angie said...

come on guys, we need another update!!! Miss ya'll