August 26, 2009

Goodbye City Life!

Just when I thought I was through learning new cultures... I move to a small town and become a farmer! You know what that means?

I now have a REAL farmer's tan.

Sharon's dad owns orange groves, so I'm working for him for the year or so we're here in the States adopting. So far I've mostly mowed the groves. Here's what I see everyday:

Sorry about the camera phone pictures. Farmers don't bring their digital cameras to work to take pictures of all the cool farmer things they do all day.

While I've learned to drive a tractor and gotten a fishing license for the first time in my life, there are other "cultural" things I haven't quite adopted yet.

I don't wear a camouflage strap on the back of my sunglasses.
Sharon and I went off with a large group of people the other day, and I realized I was the ONLY one without a camouflage strap hooked on to a pair of Oakley sunglasses... I didn't even have Oakley sunglasses, just some cheap knock-off from Walmart.

I've never owned or worn a Columbia PFG shirt.

Apparently this is quite the versatile shirt: I've seen people wear it to church, while fishing, working, at sporting events, weddings and everything in between.

Though I'm not "fully immersed" in the culture yet, I have learned some things:

* If you honk near a cow pasture, all the cows will walk toward the gate. I love this.
* I have to get somewhat dressed up to go to Walmart, because we're "going into town" and "we'll run into people we know."
* If I'm driving Sharon's dad's truck, I have to wave to EVERYONE.
* I'm the odd-ball because I don't have a Nextel beep-beep phone.
* My name is no longer Anthony... it's Bruce's daughter's husband.

So that's what's going on in my life.

Now go buy some Florida orange juice! Isaac needs some new toys!


Anthony and Sharon said...

Hard work looks good on a man...but a sunglasses strap does not! (at least not on my man...amazing how it looks normal on everyone else)


Kellie said...

LOL, sounds like good, honest work. We would LOVE to help support you by drinking Florida OJ, but alas, ours comes in a box from Arabia. :(

Craig and Angie said...

Dear Bruce's Daughter's Son's Dad, we are so glad you are finally learning that a BUSH-HOG is not some sort of forbidden animal but a nice piece of machinery that works best when all that stupid "safety" stuff is removed.

We have a new Columbia store here, so when the summer shirts go on clearance--we'll get you a couple to have for next Hari Raya!!

BTW, what sort of cap do you wear while you're mowing? I sort of envision you in an Evinrude ... or maybe a Bass Pro Shop one.

Miss you guys! Get a baby and get on back.

Karis Rochelle said...

How far are you guys from Orlando?

mommykoo said...

you guys always crack me up. =)

Elizabeth said...

This is such a fun and funny post! And so, so true. From the incessant beep, beeps to the getting dressed to go to Wal-mart, reading this was like experiencing a bit of home from across the ocean! Thanks! :)

The Agarwals said...

I don't know why but I thought about my lack of reading your blog today. Maybe seeing you in person did that?! When I read this post I was seriously laughing! Gotta love life in the big BG! Every word you typed made so much sense- and made me think fondly...well, made me think about all of those small town quirks! :-)
So glad you guys are here for awhile!!!

Mindy Cribbs said...

I Love it! Mr. Danny would be SO proud- you know he would! Can't wait to come see the fruits of your hard work.

Love you guys,