May 11, 2009

Stylo Mum

Mother’s Day weekend was fun this year…is it wrong to say it was fun because of the free stuff I got? No. I’m the Mommy and I say no.

Since most of you will only look at pictures, I’ll put this part of the story first…
The most unexpected Mother’s Day surprise happened as I was walking to the nail salon in the mall. This girl stopped me before getting on an escalator and said, “Hi! I’ve spotted you as a Stylo Mom!” (and then handed me a slip of paper with the same thing written on it) “Go to the concierge desk to collect your prize.”


She then said, “ You’re a stylish mum. Can I take your picture?” She held up the camera and snapped a photo of me holding Isaac. Then she was gone and I got my mani/pedi.

Later I went to the desk to receive my prize, still a bit confused. The prize was a new wallet, eye shadow, blush, and some lipstick. The guy at the desk wrote my name and phone number on the back of the slip of paper, then he took my picture too. Confused, I asked what all this was and as far as I could understand there’s some judging or something for the pictures and then the “mum” chosen wins another prize. Anthony saw a wardrobe (as in clothes, not the C.S. Lewis kind) on display and he thought that could be the prize. I highly doubt it, but if anything comes of it I’ll post pics here for sure!

My husband snuck and bought me the last two books in the “Twilight” series while I was getting my Mother’s Day Manicure/Pedicure. For those of you who don’t know me personally, no, I’m not a teenage mom… I just happen to find the adolescent vampire love story interesting. Don’t argue with me about it either.

On Sunday morning I woke up and Isaac had made me his first ever Mother’s Day card (with help from Daddy of course).

We went to eat at Bubba Gump’s with some friends (her first mother’s day!)…we went there last year, so maybe every year we’re here for Mother’s Day we’ll make it an official tradition. The kids meals there are so cute served in the shrimp boats…though Isaac was really into the tartar sauce.

It was a great weekend and to reward all of you who so faithfully read all the way to the bottom of this post… I woke up this morning to my sister calling from the US (where it was still Mother’s Day) to tell us that their birthmom was in labor with the child they’re hoping to adopt! So, no doubt this post will soon be replaced with a birth announcement!


Roberts said...

Cool thing about your sis - you're about to be an aunt (again)! Happy Mother's would be really fun if you won the stylish mum contest. :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Mother's Day! (a day later) That picture of Isaac with his card for you is simply precious. And what an interesting experience in the mall... stylo mom... too fun! :)

Jennifer said...

I think it is so cool your reading Twilight cause im almost finished with the very last one, I got totally hooked. OMG its is so exciting to her about Heather birth mom please let us know!!!!!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

Go Stylo Mum!! Hahaha! That's awesome :) How fun ;)

Troy is ADORABLE!!! How fun!!!

Brandon and April said...

congrats on being an AUNT again!!!
as soon as I read your last paragraph I jumped over to your sis' blog to see if there were pics or an update yet!
so now I'm back commenting. :)
glad you had a great M's Day!! and glad you are an oh so stylish mum!

Cara said...

Get it girrrr....can't wait to see you! My Beefa's so stylish...shoot.