May 05, 2009

10 Things About Where We Live

1. Where we live there is a very slight chance of getting hit in the head from a falling durian... which kills an average of 1 person a year (true fact).

2. Where we live Crocs are just as popular as they are in the US (and just as ugly).

3. Where we live people believe cold drinks can make you sick (the food below: sweet lime tea and char kuey teow... mmmm... soooo goooood).

4. Where we live there are wild tigers, elephants, rhinoceroses and monkeys in the rainforest.

5. Where we live there's WiFi in every McDonald's and the employees bring home the chicken bacon (no pork here :) by making RM4.50/sejam ($1.27/hour).

6. Where we live my wife takes unflattering pictures with her friends in Starbucks (she doesn't know I found this... he he he).

7. Where we live many people bloodlet to get rid of headaches.

8. Where we live nearly every local restaurant is open 24 hours and they're often packed at 2am.

9. Where we live little kids commonly go to sleep at midnight.

10. Where we live the word for heart (as in "you'll always be in my heart" or "I'll keep your memories in my heart") in the local language, when directly translated, means "liver."

What's cool about where you live? Leave a comment!


Brandon and April said...

Where we live we can get to Target, Starbucks, Arbys, the YMCA, & much much more within a 10 minute drive (in our own car.) Fun times. This may be the only time in my life I can say that.

Anthony and Sharon said...

You are in BIG trouble mister! I swear I still have a chin and don't have chops!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

yay! That was fun :) Kids go to sleep late here too! We put Aash to bed at 7 or 8:00... and our doc said that was way too early! haha!
That was a fun post!! :)

Anonymous said...

Darrell & Zoe Schoppa said...we thought we had it dangerous in the forest with moose, mountain lion, and grizzly bear where we live. Plus the nearest WalMart is 100 miles south.